Marketing SEO services can be tough, especially when your clients don’t know how SEO works. Breathe easy and read this guide to get the ball rolling for your digital marketing agency in no time.

Learning how to market your SEO company can make all the difference between a rejected pitch and a client you’ll work with for life.

Selling SEO services can be tough, especially to people who don’t know exactly how SEO works. They won’t always understand the true value of your services and would often dismiss your proposals for lesser effective strategies that just won’t make the cut.

This is precisely the reason you need marketing. Learning how to market your SEO company can make all the difference between a rejected pitch and a client you’ll work with for life.

There’s no defined formula on how you can market your SEO service, but I’ll be providing seven key steps to help you get started:

1. Know What You’re Selling

We all know that competition to be on the top positions on Google search results can be ruthless. As 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine and 75% of people never scroll past the first page, ranking on Google is truly a cutthroat pursuit. The one who ranks the highest for their specific keywords is the emperor who sits upon his golden throne.

When marketing your SEO services, always begin with the golden throne. Helping them rank on the first page of search results is what you’re selling – make sure that’s loud and clear. It’s the result they’re paying for.

You could talk to a potential customer about knowing the tricks of the trade but it all really boils down to guaranteeing maximum visibility for their brand. Every aspect of an SEO package – from on-page optimization to link building – should all lead to one thing: ranking their site to get the most number of eyeballs from their target audience.

2. Establish Your Brand

If you want businesses to trust you, they need to know who you are.

Start by developing the groundwork for your brand and what it stands for. Some SEO agencies target big brands with poor online visibility while others want to focus on small local businesses. Narrowing down your ideal clients helps you target them better when marketing your SEO services.

Know which industry your team has the most experience with and use that familiarity to your advantage. Many successful digital marketing agencies tailor their services to suit the needs of their niche, be it small local businesses or dental offices.

Establishing your brand and niche lets you get the audience you want and allows you to help them in a way that’s most beneficial to them.

3. Work on Your Own SEO

We all know how the old adage goes. “Before you help others, you must first help yourself.”

Work on your SEO

Start with your own SEO. Strengthen your online presence following the best practices for web development and content marketing. Make sure you have an active presence on major social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Write SEO articles and send them to high authority sites to gain readership and establish your expertise. Post regular updates on your website and consistently engage with users when they ask questions about your services.

In short: put yourself out there.

Working on your own SEO not only provides you an edge over other digital marketing agencies, but also shows that your agency practices what you preach.

4. Become a Thought Leader

What exactly is a “thought leader”? According to Matt Sweetwood, a thought leader is an individual whose views on certain matters are considered authoritative and influential. People listen to thought leaders because they constantly have something sage and fresh to add to their skill of choice.

No one becomes a thought leader overnight. It takes hard work, creativity, and intense dedication to become a thought leader. You obtain credentials through education and experience while sharing what you know with others.

As a digital marketing agency, one sure way to become a thought leader is to manage a blog. Shape your content around your brand’s niche and provide helpful advice to your readers. Talk about something new with every post and disrupt conventional thinking—but be sure to back up every claim with data and research. This positions yourself as a credible source for accurate information and, eventually, a go-to website for things that concern your area of expertise.

5. Gather Client Testimonials

For businesses who are looking for SEO services, Google suggests they first ask a digital marketing agency these three questions:

  • What’s your experience in my industry?
  • What’s your experience in my city/country?
  • Do you have a portfolio of previous work and success stories from clients you have worked with?

Businesses want to see what you’ve achieved for your previous partners. This is where they can gauge your value and assess whether or not you’re the right SEO agency for them.

Save yourself the trouble of enumerating your credentials and cherry-pick the most relevant client testimonials beforehand. Doing so shows that you’re comfortable with the job at hand and that you’re highly capable of pulling their business up the ranks on Google.

6. Master Cold Emailing

Some SEO agencies overlook how to start a cold email in the grander scheme of things. To be fair, many ineffective emails end up ignored or deleted the moment they’re received. But that’s only because they aren’t doing it right.

Master Cold Emails

The goal is to make your emails stand out. Avoid writing generic subject lines, like “We offer SEO services.” Trigger words and key sales phrases such as “Best Price,” “Earn $$$ Now,” and “100% Free” won’t work either. Instead, target your client’s pain points and feel free to get more creative and personal. Some good examples are:

  • A New Content Strategy for [Prospect’s Company]
  • Hi, [Prospect]. We heard you were looking for a little boost in your SEO.
  • [Mutual connection] recommended we get in touch.
  • An idea on how you could rank on Google – fast.

The thinking doesn’t stop at just the subject heading.

It isn’t wise to reach out to an entire contact list with one blanket email. Personalize your emails according to groups or subgroups as well as their specific needs. This gives you a much better success rate and more positive responses in no time.

7. Use a Marketing Automation Tool

What’s better than letting your software do the work for you? SEOReseller Pro’s Marketing Automation easily nurtures leads with features that turn website visitors into paying clients. With pre-built email an marketing templates, our tool is designed to get you customers even while you’re away.

On a Final Note…

Marketing your SEO services is one of the whirlwinds you’ll face as an agency owner. Do it right, and you’ll eventually get a few leads in. Execute this with great planning and finesse, and you’ll soon find your agency on the path to growth.

If your agency is ready to go to the next level, sign up with us and we’ll show you how it’s done.