Client DashboardImproving our technology is one of the ways we serve you better. With state-of-the-art SEO tools, you’ll be able to monitor and execute your campaigns better, and provide unmatched customer service to your clients. What I want to discuss today is value – the true value of your white label dashboard. I’m going to walk you through features in your white label dashboard that you won’t find from other providers, and discuss why it’s important to have each.

Pre-Sales Support

Why It’s Important: As our partners, we want to help your business grow, and to do that, you will need to bring in more clients. Offering pre-sales support makes this process easy and gives you the tools needed to support your pitch. It also shows your leadership as an SEO specialist.

Our System: Our dashboard features a section where you can easily request and download proposals. All you need to do is choose your desired package, click “Get a Proposal,” and wait for 24 hours for our branded proposal to be available on your dashboard. These proposals are free and are researched thoroughly by our marketing team. Download the file for your presentation or have your client access it on your white label dashboard – no delivery time needed.  You can also launch the campaign directly from the Proposals window.

Live Ranking Monitoring

Why It’s Important: Your SERPs rankings are the most obvious determinants of your campaign’s success. Accurate rank tracking allows you cross-reference rankings with techniques you used at any given period. You can then adjust your methodology to get the highest SERPs rankings and maximum visibility.

Our System: We have the first live rank tracking system in the industry. You can view your rankings in real time and monitor on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can view your target keywords as they are or create keyword groups for campaigns with a larger set of keywords for easier tracking.


Campaign Rankings This table shows your current position on the SERPs of your preferred search engine for the keywords you are targeting. You will see your current ranking, as well as your weekly and monthly progress. This is updated in real time, ensuring your client sees their most updated rankings when they need it.
Keyword Grouping You have the option to create groupings for faster keyword tracking. You can choose the categories for each – you can group according to the words included, according to the location, or competitiveness – it’s up to you.
Keyword Ranking Summary Clicking on one of your keywords leads to the keyword ranking summary, where you will see your site’s performance for that specific keyword within the month. It provides detailed information about the results for each keyword, monthly searches, tracking stats, and a line graph of the position tracking report.

Lead Monitoring

Why It’s Important: Having lead monitoring tools on your dashboard shows you if you’re hitting your target market. It also reveals other useful information about your visitors that will allow you to modify your campaign accordingly.

Our System: We integrate your own Google Analytics account with our white label dashboard to get the most accurate campaign traffic system in the industry. We’ve made our interface easy to understand and interactive. It doesn’t matter if you’re an SEO specialist or an end client – you’ll be able to track your leads easily.


Campaign Traffic This line graph contains data on the traffic you receive daily. We track your daily traffic over the span of a month. Benchmarking and comparing your traffic is easy because the previous months’ traffic is shown as an overlay to your present month’s traffic.
Geo Traffic This pie chart shows where your visitors originate. It lets you know if you are hitting your target market effectively. Monitoring your geo traffic sources also allows you to find opportunities where you may not have thought possible.
Traffic Sources This pie chart shows where your traffic originates. It monitors how many visits to your site came from SEO, how many from direct access, from referrals and from PPC. Knowing which methodology brings in the most visitors lets you maximize that medium. It also allows you to allocate resources appropriately.


Why It’s Important: Your clients will want to know exactly where their campaign stands, what needs to be changed, and what your plan of action is for the following month. Having an accessible reporting platform makes this easy, both for you and for your clients.

Our System: The Monthly Reports tab on our white label dashboard make requesting, downloading and sharing reports easy. We will upload the full branded report on the dashboard, and from there, you can easily download and email it directly to your client. All you will need to do is schedule a meeting to discuss the contents of our comprehensive reports. It will contain a more detailed account of your performance, and a suggested plan of action for the next campaign month.

The white label dashboard is free when you sign up and become our partner. Log in to set up your dashboard today. Contact your account manager if you need any assistance.

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