Today I want to discuss the importance of quality link building in establishing strong online presence for SEO. While original content remains king of optimization, building a diversified link portfolio is just as important. Ignoring the need for a diverse link portfolio is an immature mistake. It’s important that you build on a wide range of unique domains. Today we’ll talk about why.

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What Happens if You Don’t Build Links on Unique Domains

Having a diverse link portfolio means you build inbound links on various sites with unique domains and IP addresses. To illustrate, it’s better if you have back links from and than having back links from and

Unique IP Linking - Illustration 1

The first example gets counted as two different link profiles

Single IP Linking - Illustration 2

While the second one only gets counted as one.

It’s Google’s way of more accurately measuring the popularity and buzz around a website. The more unique inbound links search engine crawlers see, the more they trust your site as a source of information. As such, having links from two unique sites is better than having ten links on just one equivalent domain.

As Google’s algorithm continues to update we are seeing more emphasis put on the diversity of the link building portfolio. This is because you can easily create as many fake profiles as you want and build links on these pages. It is also the reason they only count links from one domain as one unique back link. It’s important that all of the links being built are from reliable sources with real users. That’s how we build links.

Invest in Unique and Quality Inbound Links

We submit to unique domains and get as many “votes” for your site as possible. Quality content is the giant our links stand on the shoulders of. We take a look at the most industry relevant resources available and use outreach to publish with. This makes a real and immediate impact on the web site’s rankings.

Our link building methodology ensures we keep back link portfolios diverse and targets strong, respected websites on the Internet. We give quality links on major websites like the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post,, and Yahoo! News. Our team keeps track of all the links we build, ensuring we only build unique links to keep your link portfolio diverse. Talk to us if you have questions or need a link building strategy developed for your clients website.

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