As part of the SEO industry, we all know how important links are. Let’ just put it this way, without the links, your site won’t get a lot of traffic—and this is just one of the responsibilities of an SEO outsource company. You have to remember that good links are the ones that deliver relevant visitors. If you ask an seo specialist about the how to’s in the industry, there won’t be a simple answer. However, there are some tips that are useful which can be used to gain good results.

BacklinksDid you know that relevant visitors come from the target geolocation? This means that your linking site has the ccTLD (country code top-level domain) URL of the country that you want to gain traffic. This may be one method to set boundaries for their content to be only reached bby smaller audience. Nevertheless, this may be a good thing, since you can still acquire visitors from those users.

Users are very important in a site. See, no matter how many audience it has, as long as there’s valuable engaged audience, it is still a good sign that this site has good quality. This means that you can still get good links here, and can still gain traffic from these users. Usually, these users should also be exposed to contents which are similar to yours. You also have to remember that relevant visitors come from clickable links, not always from the footer link.

And—there is no such thing as fake relevant visitors. Or maybe, relevant visitors can’t easily be faked.

This are just some of the things that you need to remember to build good links.

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