Accurate and quality data is one of the most important things you need as an online marketer. Yesterday, Google announced the release of a tool in their Analytics platform that will help you track data-quality issues and fix them. The release is limited, and Google chose selected users to test the beta version of this new feature.


This is what their Analytics Diagnostics tool looks like:

Google Analytics Diagnostics in Beta
Google Analytics Diagnostics in Beta

You will see a list of the issues in your Analytics code and other website features that may be compromising the quality of your Analytics data. Below each issue is a short description of what it is, and below that are links that let you check for the issue again after you fix it, ignore the issue if you know it’s already been fixed, and get more details. A notification icon for new issues is present on the upper right-hand corner.

These issues are categorized based on level of importance: those with red exclamation points are issues that you need to fix immediately, while those with yellow exclamation points are issues that are not as urgent, but needs fixing anyway. These warning signals make it easy for you to prioritize what problems to address first.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this is still in beta version, and is only available for limited release. Google will be making it available to all users once they have more information about the kind of issues the beta testers have that they can track using the Analytics Diagnostics tool.

In the meantime, you can continue using Google Analytics in your campaigns, and we’ll ensure the quality of data you gather is always high and accurate. Talk to your account manager today to find out how we do it, or sign up now to get your free SEO reporting dashboard.

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