It’s not enough that your website is appearing on the first page of Google’s search engine results.
A few years back, there was a study conducted by an eye tracking firm called Eyetools and two marketing companies, Did-it and Enquiro, revealing the eye movement of people who used Google when searching for something on the internet. SEM and SEO white label companies can inform their clients of the importance of this experiment.

Google search results heatmapThe joint eye tracking study showed that majority of the eye movement that people make creates a “golden triangle.” This triangle is said to start at the top of the search results, narrowing down to the left side of the visible results. The top of the triangle, which included the top organic search results, sponsored ads, and alternative suggestions of Google, was looked at by 100% of the participants. Rank number 4 got 85% visibility, which lowers even more by rank number 10 with 20% visibility.

This study also mentioned that only 50% of the participants looked at the paid ads, which were located at the side of the search engine results page. It helps people interested in investing on SEO resellers since its supports the significance of page position and rank in both organic and paid-per-click search results.

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