In an article from The Wall Street Journal, it describes how Hubpages was able to recover from its Google Panda penalty.

Acting from an advice given by Google, Hubpages found out that the use of subdomains has given their website recovery from the penalty.

Google PandaHubpages escaped the penalty by transferring their low quality content into new subdomains and keeping the good content on their www site.. According to Google, there are two ways to recover if your website has been hit by Panda. You can either move the low quality content to a new domain or remove them altogether. The first method seems to be effective on Hubpages; however, some people are critical about the effectiveness of that method.

Google’s representative comments,

“Subdomains can be useful to separate out content that is completely different from the rest of a site — for example, on domains such as However, site owners should not expect that simply adding a new subdomain on a site will trigger a boost in ranking.”

Keep in mind that Google is warning webmasters hit by Google Panda to not use this method unless they have a WordPress type of website. Google wants to provide its users with high quality search results so webmasters should take a second look at their website’s content. If you are currently working with an SEO reseller, then you should consider looking into their content well.

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