Twitter is a social media platform often included in online marketing campaigns of SEO resellers.

This is a platform that acts as the world’s chat room, allowing anyone with a Twitter account to join in on a discussion or a conversation. This is also a great platform for businesses to use to improve their internet presence and build a reputation. Here are 4 ways how SEO companies use the hashtag on Twitter.


  1. Starting a contest
    Contests are great ways to encourage customer participation. Utilizing hashtags in social media campaigns means giving Twitter users entries every time they send a tweet with your hashtag included.
  2. Raising money for a good cause
    You can run a non-profit campaign to raise money for a cause your company believes in. This will give you @ mentions by participating Twitter users in return.
  3. Answering questions of customers
    It is important for companies to give customers simple avenues to connecting with them. One way is through Twitter. You can create a tweet-up with a custom hashtag where your customers can ask you questions about your business. If your custom hashtag includes your company name, then this will provide name recognition and exposure.
  4. Hosting a business related tweet-up
    Create a tweet-up or a place for you and other colleagues in the industry to talk and discuss about relevant information and topics about your industry. This helps create a community for enlightening discussions and makes you a recognized and respected personality.

Incorporating these 4 uses on your social media marketing campaign needs constant participation on the conversations and regular feedback. Find private label SEO companies, like, that can help you initiate these steps to gain quality leads and raise your brand’s awareness to your target market. Learn more about their social media practices by visiting their website at and speak with a representative today!

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