Lately, Google has been receiving a lot of complaints and questions on threads at Google Places and Maps forums when business owners and local SEO reseller companies started noticing that their Places listings have suddenly changed its status from “Active” status to “Pending.”

The issue has been confirmed that a bug is responsible for the sudden status change. According to Brianna, a Google Places representative confirms the bug issue and is working on the solution.

Google Places bug

“Thanks for reporting this issue. We are aware that listings have reverted to pending in users’ accounts. To check if your listing is live, please do a search in Google Maps for [BUSINESS NAME in POSTAL CODE].

Boost ads are unaffected by this issue.

We will follow up with more information when we have it.”

The bug has caused two major problems for business owners. First is that once your listing has been deemed “pending,” it will not appear in Google Maps, causing less visibility for business owners. This in turn may somehow affect business since they are receiving less quality leads and prospect customers from finding them on Google Maps. Second is that some owners, after recovering their “Active” status, said that their site traffic has decreased and that their analytics were messed up. Until now, there is no announced date for a permanent fix on the bug.

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