While most webmasters who were hit by the Panda update are improving their websites, others need to be more vigilant about their site’s quality. Google is constantly on the lookout for sites with high rankings but contains low-quality content, which is why webmasters should understand the true role of Google Panda in search engine results. If you are a person looking for an SEO reseller company, then you have to make sure they know more about Google Panda than what you’re going to read in here.

Google Panda: What’s it all about

Google PandaSome people are still confused as to what Panda is. It is even often confused with Google’s algorithms. To put it in an analogy, consider the Google algorithm as a recipe that has many various ingredients to make it work such as the keywords a site has and how different people are linking website pages. Another ingredient would be the calculations of a website’s reputation and more. Although the algorithm may receive a few tweaks from time to time, such as a small addition of salt or pepper, it still functions the same.

All of these ingredients run independently of Google Panda. Panda is sort of a filter that helps Google’s algorithm rank websites better. It is designed to detect websites with low-quality pages. How do you get flagged or Pandalized? The answer is simple: if you have too many pages with low-quality content, then you can get penalized by Panda. Sorting out the low quality websites will help Google’s algorithm recognize which websites have better quality and give the deserved search engine ranking.

How do you recover?

Once your website gets penalized, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the chance to recover from it anymore or that your website is out of Google. You simply need to improve the content of your website and start creating content that is fresh, unique, and useful. This is a very important step since it is what Google uses to measure whether your website has improved over time. You have to wait for the next Panda update for Google to see the improvement of your website.

Google values high quality content websites to give its searchers quality results. With all that said, you should be able to see the value that Google places on the content of pages. When looking for an SEO reseller company, choose one that delivers unique content every time like seoreseller.com. Learn more about their services and see for yourself how “Content is King” for seoreseller.com.

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