In today’s blog, I want to talk to you about the importance of Google authorship in SEO. Adding a verified Google+ and Google+ for Business profile to your clients’ websites and content pieces helps boost their SERPs rankings. Discover how this rich snippet affects SEO, and how we add authorship mark-up snippets on your clients’ published materials online.

G+ Authorship SERP Output

It’s All a Matter of Trust

Google began supporting authorship mark-up a little over a year ago. Their goal, as stated in their official blog, is to “help people find content from great authors in our search results.” To do this, they need to establish a system of trust between them and authors to verify all published content. Their solution is to let authors link their articles and websites to their Google+ profiles. This is easily done by adding existing HTML5 rel tags. The search engine will prioritize content with Google authorship.

Building Social Media Presence

Social media presence is another benefit your clients will get from having Google authorship. People searching for your clients’ services will see their site on the SERPs along with the authorship mark-up. From here, they can easily visit your clients’ profile, rate it a +1, or add them to different circles. The resulting online social presence helps increase your clients’ visibility on the SERPs.

SEOreseller and Social Media logo

How We Do It

We begin by taking your clients’ Google+ profiles and completing the verification process. We also have social media services if your client does not have a profile yet. We will create a verified profile, manage and optimize it in preparation for the authorship mark-up. Once verified, we will add the authorship mark-up on your clients’ websites and subsequent content we produce for each campaign.
G+ Verified user banner

We’ve made authorship mark-up a part of our core SEO packages. Log in to your dashboard to order a package or contact your account manager for assistance. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for free and become our partner to get started.

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