Google has recently announced its latest Google Analytics Academy course for 2014. The course, titled “Google Analytics Platform Principles”, will “dive deeper into the details of how the platform collects, transforms and organizes the data you see in Analytics.”

“Understanding how these processes work is the first step to refining your implementation and uncovering more valuable insights about your business,” says Analytics Evangelist Justin Cutroni in the official Analytics blog.

The course aims to teach students about the following aspects of Google Analytics:

  • the four components of the Analytics platform: collection, processing, configuration and reporting
  • how Analytics collects data across different devices
  • how data is transformed before showing up in reports
  • key concepts for customizing Analytics data in useful ways

You can go through the course at your own pace, and you can just choose which units you want to complete. Those who complete the entire course and turn in their requirements by March 27 will earn a course certificate.

Cutroni also stresses the importance of education when it comes to understanding data. “All of these new technologies create information – data that we can use to better understand the needs of customers. If we understand the customer better, we can help them achieve their goals, while we achieve ours,” he said.

The Google Analytics Academy has been highly popular and successful since its launch in October 2013. More than 145,000 students attended the first Analytics Academy course on Digital Analytics Fundamentals, with over 30,000 of them completing the course and earning their certificates of completion.

Those interested in completing this Analytics Academy course can sign-up here. If you didn’t complete the first Analytics Academy course, Google recommends completing it before the Platform Principles course starts on March 11, 2014.

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