Would You Like Fries With ThatKnowing how to upsell your online marketing products helps you attract more new leads and build longer relationships with customers. In today’s blog, I want to share strategies you can use to upsell more effectively.

Before the Sale: Visibility Matters

Upselling is easier when done online because the only limit to your display of products or services is your bandwidth. Use different features of the technology you have to display related items in one page. A good example of this is Amazon.com. Their product pages work to show other items related to the product a person is currently viewing.

Do the same with your website – if you have products that you think go well with each other, like social media and online reputation management, provide a link and upsell the products in each other’s pages. Remember to present these as recommendations. Don’t push too much – hard sales can only get you so far.

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Selling products in bundles is one of the easiest ways to upsell your line. You can combine very closely-related services and offer discounts for the new package. For example, you can offer web design and development together with SEO, or combine local SEO and online reputation management. Be as creative with your bundle combinations and names as possible.

During the Sale: Apply the Propensity Model

Once you have a customer who wants to buy your services, and has potential lifetime value, that customer might want to buy more. Predictive analysis, also known as the Propensity Model, works here to give your customers more targeted search. Its goal is to automate offers based on your customer’s behavior.

With tools like Google Analytics, you can check which products your customers are mainly interested in. Divide your customers into segments, and monitor their browsing and purchasing history. This will show you their purchasing trend, for example, if they went for social media first, then decided to buy SEO services after. The information you gather will help you make more educated offers to your future clients while they are consulting with you. It will also help you create more targeted campaign proposals featuring a variety of your services.

After the Sale: Give Incentives

Consumers love incentives – it’s a fact of life. Your market is always looking for freebies, great deals, and other promotions. Giving incentives helps promote customer loyalty and boosts your retention rate by giving your clients a sense of appreciation and gratitude.

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Incentives also help in case you have unhappy customers. Giving them better offers, product discounts, or free things like a free PR for each product line they order, helps ease their minds and keeps them in your stead. For example, we offer to do SEO for your website free if you bring us 25 or more campaigns.

Contact your account manager today to get more tips on upselling your products and services. Sign into your dashboard or create an account to view our full service line-up and create your SEO website today!

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