Google’s latest modification will put your business at peril if you don’t plan your email content well. Towards the end of last week, they modified their system to feature an Unsubscribe option immediately beside the sender’s email address. This means you’re only as good as the last email you send – and for many, this could also mean lost leads.

Deterring Unsolicited Marketing Emails

Gmail's unsubscribe feature is now a clickable link on the sender's information
Gmail’s unsubscribe feature is now a clickable link on the sender’s information

According to Google, this is not a new feature – it’s been around for years as a drop-down menu option, “unsubscribe from this sender”. It’s not used as often by users because it is not immediately visible; as a result, many Gmail users still get unwanted marketing emails. They’ve reported these emails as spam, even though some of them are legitimate and not spam at all.

Adding the unsubscribe link beside the sender’s information, as you can see from the image above, helps Google with the problem of looking into “spam” emails that are actually legitimate marketing emails from trusted senders. It also helps users mute the marketing emails they’re not interested in.

Bad News for Marketers?

Of course, marketers look to be at a disadvantage here. You’re looking at possible losses in new leads if you don’t plan your content marketing strategy carefully. Every single element of your newsletters and email messages needs to be perfect and spot-on, including:

  • Your email subject, which should compel your recipients to click and read the message. It should tell your audience what your message is about while creating a sense of urgency to read more.
  • Your design, which should display perfectly on any device. Cross-platform design and content planning comes into play, and so does device targeting.
  • Your message, which should answer pertinent questions or provide new information to your target readers. Offering value in your email messages becomes your priority now more than ever.
  • The text version of your email message, especially if you’re sending a newsletter with multimedia. Some email providers show text-only messages; in cases like this, your message should be optimized to tell your audience exactly what the message contains.

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