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The holidays are fast approaching, and we know that the year is also coming to an end in a couple of days. As an SEO outsource company, we need to exert a lot of effort in pushing through with our strategies for our campaigns. The bad news is there’s going to be a site development freeze starting next week until the end of the year.

seoreseller_are-you-ready_12.16.2011What it means:

A site development freeze only means that whatever SEO changes you’d like to make, you should do it before the site freeze itself or wait to do this until next year.


Three (3) SEO initiatives categories:

Maintenance Mode

Improvement Mode

Planning Mode

However, before the year end site development freeze occurs, there are things that you need to change.

Title & Meta Description

Make sure that you write good meta descriptions and titles, since this can be one of the highest impact SEO tactics that can have positive effect in a short period of time. See, if you create a good title and description, there’s a high chance that you’ll improve your click- through rate (CTR).

Internal Link Optimization

If you have good internal link optimization strategies, there’s a high chance that search spiders will be able to discover all pages by following links. With internal link optimization, users can also visit from one page to another and all links also use keyword rich anchor text. We all know that anchor text is one of the important components of SEO and a well optimized link on your own site will have positive effects not just by having high relevance on your site’s pages, but will also be a good usability practice.

So, before the year ends, make sure that you have made all SEO changes or improvements on your website.

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