Our mission is to help you grow small businesses, worldwide. And one of the biggest challenges for any small business is building their online presence, managing their reputation, and promoting their business on different channels. That’s why we developed the Reputation Management Dashboard — a simple, straightforward solution to help your agency build, manage, and promote your client’s online presence with minimal effort.

4 Tools in One Reputation Management Dashboard

Drive More Business, Deliver More Value

The Reputation Management Dashboard is packed with features in one simple solution.

  • A quick way to spot good and negative reviews: If your client has a lot of good reviews, the Reputation Management Dashboard allows you to promote good feedback to get more online traction. On the other hand, negative reviews will be easier to control to avoid tarnishing your client’s online image.
  • Added measure to build your client’s online presence: By getting your clients listed on high authority, relevant directory sites, you have more channels to get their brand out there. This provides you with the power to control conversations online.
  • Easy weekly reporting to provide more value for your clients: You can generate weekly reports to show clients where they’re listed online, the number of mentions they get, and the reviews they’re getting from customers. With four tools at your disposal, you get tangible results for clients that translate to more business for you in the future.
  • An easy-to-use dashboard: The Reputation Management Dashboard consolidates all your online reputation activities in a simple, straightforward design. The dashboard is easy to set-up — all you need to do is choose or create a campaign, provide the business information of your client, integrate their Facebook and Google My Business profiles, and you’re all set!

Easy to Get Started, No Long-term Contracts

It’s also very easy to get started. Start selling even without paying for the service upfront. Once you sign-up, you get access to all the tools right off the bat without paying for anything. You can start today and end the service whenever you want — no contracts needed, no long-term commitment, no setup fees, and no hidden costs. You only need to pay when you’ve already sold to a client.

Part of the reason we developed the Reputation Management Dashboard is to make it easier for you to sell our white label solution. Upon subscribing to the Reputation Management Dashboard, you’ll have all the marketing and operational support onboard. You get access to a demo account, pitch decks, and all whitelabel documents to help you close more clients.

Get More Value for Your Money

It’s easy to close clients if you show the value, and that’s what the Reputation Management Dashboard does. By subscribing to the Dashboard, you can deliver tangible value to your clients. You can sell it as a single solution or as an add-on to your Local SEO package to open a new revenue stream for your agency — you only pay $50 for every location added and mark it up for up to $300! With an entry-level subscription, you can integrate five locations and access the four tools within the Dashboard.

Because we want to get you as excited as we are with this new tool, we’re giving you a 50% lifetime discount when you purchase an entry-level subscription within 90 days of signing up, or from today if you’re an existing partner. That means $125 for an entry-level subscription and $25 less for every location you add! You also get a free 14-day trial, so you can better familiarize yourself with the dashboard.

Reputation Management 50 Lifetime Off

Be in control of your client’s reputation. Call our toll-free number 1-800-250-6106 and talk to our Project Managers to know more about the Reputation Management Dashboard.

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  1. Looks like a good package. The only thing missing is what many clients need help with – getting more reviews. What about adding a page that could be downloaded to a client’s site where customers could leave a review that could be funneled to client’s choice of several review site options?

  2. I would love to see websites that provide reviews and citations for Caribbean countries included with these remarkable systems.

    Most of those included here do not accommodate Caribbean businesses (i guess the only exception being Google). Axciom, Yelp, Bing Local, Yahoo Local and yp.com do not support Caribbean countries.

    How can we be included in offering these services to our local businesses?

    Any suggestions anyone?

    I really like what is being offered in this package, and I think it would work well for small to medium sized businesses in the Caribbean.

  3. I really, really like what I see here. Had a slight misunderstanding at first about the minimum account requirements (the $125 promo is for the first 5 accounts – at 50% off I’m cool with it). Thanks Joshua for helping me sort it out.

    Two requests for specific sites I need to be added.

    1) bbb.org (Better Business Bureau – Canada and the US) – They’re pushing their reviews harder than complaints like they used to. Looks like they’re trying to stay relevant.

    2) homestars.com – This is a critical review site in Canada for contractors (think anyone that comes into your home to do any kind of work). It’s the Angie’s List for Canada essentially (but much more important to us – Angie’s List tried here in Canada and Homestars chased them back to the US).

    1. Hey Ron, glad it’s working out for you. These are good suggestions, we appreciate it.

      We’re looking into bbb.org and homestars.com – we’re about to add 10 more sites for reviews very soon so watch out for that. Let me know if you think of anything else!

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