White Label Reputation Management Services

Provide reputation management services and start monitoring your client’s digital footprint. We have the solutions for your agency.

Make White Label Reputation Management a Part of Your Agency Solutions

Help spread the good word about your clients with an online reputation management service that you can brand as part of your agency’s offerings. We’ll equip your agency with the tools and solutions.

Reputation Management Software for Agencies

Access our online reputation software on your dashboard to start offering reputation management services. Get all the tools to solidify your client’s online presence and branding.

Simple, Straightforward Solution

Keep things simple with an easy-to-use yet comprehensive tool that does the hard work for you. All you need to do is add your client’s campaign and start monitoring their brand.

Additional Revenue Stream

Add reputation management services to your digital marketing portfolio and offer clients the best way for their brands to grow while scaling your agency. It’s a win-win.

All the Tools to Get Started with Your Online Reputation Management Service

How do you monitor what people are saying about your client’s business? We can provide you with the answer – our Reputation Management dashboard. 

Our Reputation Management dashboard provides you with the perfect solution to start taking control of your clients’ online reputation. Whether you need an intuitive online review management tool or a dashboard to maintain consistent information across listings, we have the features you need to get started.

  • Sign up for free and get access to your white label dashboard
  • Add campaigns to Reputation Management
  • Start growing your agency and your clients’ businesses at once

How to Sign Up

It’s time to take control of your client’s digital footprint and offer online reputation management service. Sign up to unlock all features on our white label reputation management platform  – It’s easy!

Get Started for Free

Access the White Label Reputation Management dashboard by signing up.

Create A Campaign

Create a new campaign once you have accessed the Dashboard.

Subscribe to Pro Features

Get your Pro Feature subscription to access premium tools for your white label online reputation management.

Everything You Need for Your White Label Reputation Management Services

Build listings, monitor reviews, and get feedback for your client’s brand from your white label dashboard.


Take Full Control of Online Listings

How many opportunities did your clients miss by not being listed on online directories? With the Listings feature, you can easily see all your clients’ listings in one place and find opportunities with the click of a button!

  • Check and verify listings’ details
  • Update inaccurate business info
  • View listings across all directories

Online Reviews

Monitor Reviews from Top Review Sites

The best reputation management services never overlook reviews sent to businesses. It’s the pillar of any good branding. By using our Online Reviews tool for your brand reputation management services, you can stay on top of what people say about your clients.

  • Google My Business, Facebook listings, and Yelp integrated
  • Know what customers are saying about your clients – positive and negative.

Customer Experience

Easily Request Feedback & Increase Credibility

Customer feedback speaks louder than any promotional material, and you can use that as leverage for your agency’s online reputation management service. With the Customer Experience feature, you can proactively seek positive feedback and publish on your client’s site. 

  • Feedback requests done in minutes
  • Customized email sequences
  • Building better credibility for clients

4. Mentions

Stay on Top of Your Client’s Digital Footprint

Track your clients’ brand across the web plus four additional keywords. If your clients’ customers are talking about your client outside of the 500 listings and top review sites, we’ll still find it!

Our tool gives aggregate information on:

  • Total mentions for today, the last 7 days, and the last 14 days
  • Top keyword mentions
  • A breakdown of your client’s web mentions
  • Different platforms where the mentions appeared

But Wait! We’re Giving You More…

Build a holistic white label reputation management service. We’ll provide you with what you need along the way.

Resources & Support

As a partner, you can count on brandable resources to help sell reputation management services plus operational support for questions!

Email Templates

Make sending feedback requests more personal for customers. Edit feedback email sequences on our online reputation software.

Feedback Widget

Open more opportunities for customers to leave their positive experience by installing the feedback widget on your client’s website.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

“I really appreciate your guys patience with me and my questions. I look forward to growing my business with you guys as it has been a great stay.”


“Thanks for your comprehensive responses and guidance. It’s further reassurance we’re building relations with the right partner to advance our business.”


“Compliments to you and your team. You take the time to listen diligently and that’s pretty rare to come by nowadays. Thanks for helping us solve issues no matter what.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract or setup fee?

There is no contract or setup fee. The only requirement is that in order to start using online Reputation Management software, you must purchase the entry-level subscription, which includes 5 locations, for $250. That allows you to manage the reputation of 5 locations for 1 month. Each additional month is $50 for any location. However, if you purchase the entry-level subscription within the first 90 days of signing up or, for current partners, within the first 90 days of the release date (March 21, 2017) you get 50% off the price, forever. That’s the entry-level subscription for $125, still for 5 locations, plus each additional location for $25, from now until the end of time.

What is white label reputation management?

White label reputation management allows you to offer online reputation management services from a provider while branding it as your own. This allows you to expand your digital marketing offerings and open another product line for your agency. With us as your provider, you get an online reputation dashboard where you can manage and monitor your client’s brand and reviews.

How often does the tool refresh with the latest data?

The Reputation Management dashboard checks for new data at the start of each day as well as the moment you log in to your account. We’re all about saving you time through as much automation as possible, so you can set up notifications to you or your client’s email account which will alert you when we find a new review for you to check out. Your client will feel peace of mind knowing that you monitor their listings, and reviews daily.

Does my client get access to the Dashboard?

Yes! Your clients get access to the tool, under your brand. You control what your clients get to see on their end from update notifications on new reviews to listings and mentions. You have everything you need to build your client’s online reputation in one dashboard, and if we’re missing something that you would really like to see, let us know!

Do you provide sales materials and guides?

Yes, we provide manuals, sales materials and even pitch decks for all of our white label services and tools, including our seo services, because we want to see you grow your agency to new heights. Our Project Managers and Specialists are standing by to support you through the process. You can find useful resources in the dashboard Resource Center once you’ve signed up for an account…and yes, it’s free. It’s there for you to brand with your logo and use as collatorals for your agency. We are constantly updating and adding to our Resource Center – come check it out!

Do I need a Pro Features subscription?

To access the Reputation Management dashboard, you can subscribe to any of our Pro Features plans. Each plan is designed based on what your agency needs so you can easily start online reputation management services to your clients. The online reputation management services cost will then be a part of your subscription.

I’m ready to build, manage and control my clients’ online reputation.

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