ecommerce-mistake-bombEcommerce is a very competitive industry, with tens of thousands of sites competing for the online market’s attention. This is why it’s important that you have an effective SEO strategy created specifically for ecommerce. In today’s blog, I want to talk to you about five mistakes you should avoid on ecommerce sites, and how we help you with each one.

1. Unstructured Ecommerce Site

Consumers want to find the most relevant items for their search. Crawlers can index and rank these appropriately only if your client’s ecommerce site has a structure that lets them crawl through regularly and easily. We make finding products easier for both your clients’ customers and search engine crawlers by creating a site map and categorizing each item appropriately. We also apply the appropriate pagination tags to make crawling easier and distribute link equity properly to relevant pages.

2. Duplicate Content

Ecommerce sites could easily have hundreds of pages because of the individual product pages. This could lead to pages being duplicated, which may in turn harm your clients’ rankings. Get in touch with us today for a site audit and we will examine every page of your clients’ ecommerce sites to make sure they only have pages with unique content.

3. No Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings help your client build good reputation online. It is also an excellent source of original content. Encouraging your clients’ customers to share positive reviews is part of our task. We will collate, optimize and publish reviews on each item page to help get the ball rolling. We will also add the appropriate rich schema tags to make these reviews appear on your clients’ SERPs listings.

4. Ignoring User Experience

User Experience

Google’s algorithmic updates are trying to mimic human behavior. They now give more importance to user experience. We make their experience richer by adding the appropriate rich snippets and tags to display customer reviews and ratings. This service is now available across all our core SEO packages.

5. Focusing on Increasing Traffic

The main goal of SEO for ecommerce is not just to increase site traffic, but to drive sales. Our content development solutions ensure you have informative and enticing product or service pages. We also work with you to create and present value propositions, such as discounts, dedicated customer service, or free shipping. We use proven effective link building techniques to establish and maintain your clients’ presence online. The combination of these services ensures you get increased traffic and more sales conversions.

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