We’re dedicated to helping our partners achieve their business goals and grow in the SEO industry. This is why in today’s blog, I want to discuss how to sell SEO services like a rock star. Use this as an introductory guide to becoming a successful SEO reseller, whether it’s your first time in the industry or you just need help growing your company.

Sell SEO like a Rockstar

Experiment and Discover Your Market

It’s important to know where your market is and start by focusing on a few niche markets. Get a leads list, contact each business, and see where Internet marketing solutions are in demand. In addition to helping you discover exactly where your market is, it also helps you see where you specialize. Don’t be afraid to experiment – it helps you focus your services.

Increase Your Value Proposition

Increase your value proposition and promote customer loyalty by offering a wide range of Internet marketing solutions. Other solutions like social media marketing and local SEO are becoming more important in determining rankings and reaching your clients’ target market. Offer a diverse collection of services that can stand alone, but go well together.

Maintain Your Integrity

Make sure to keep all communication lines open, and be transparent about the progress of your campaigns. Those who use old techniques may seem to get ahead at first, but if you stick to techniques approved by search engines and SEOReseller.com, the sites you optimize will last longer on top of the SERPs, and you’ll always have positive news to share with your clients.


Price Your Packages Competitively

Find solutions that will let you cut down on your bottom line and price your SEO services competitively. Businesses are looking for solutions that suit their budget. With a lower bottom line, you have more margins for profit, even if you offer your services for low prices. This will attract businesses looking for budget solutions and give you an edge over your competitors.

Service After The Sale

Pitching your services successfully to a new client is not the end of your sale. The sale is only complete once you deliver all that you’ve promised. Referrals will come pouring in if your clients find your solutions effective.

Our methodology is proven to give your clients the rankings they want in the shortest time possible. We offer a wide range of solutions, from SEO, social media, local SEO, PPC management, to customized solutions. We also create and optimize your own SEO website to help you be seen by your potential market. Contact us or sign up for a free account today to get started!

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