PPC restructuring comes in two ways: starting all over with a new structure or working with what you have. Choosing between the two approaches will depend on your campaign goals and the current position of the account you’re handling.

When do you need to restructure?

  • If your client’s website goals have changed
  • If the account has a poor PPC history
  • If the website undergoes a redesign

You need a solid foundation and strategy to ensure a successful PPC restructuring. Here are four strategies to implement for your PPC restructure:

1. Be Goal Specific

Define your target. Some search marketers often overlook this aspect, which leave them with inaccurate tracking of potential conversions. Outlining your specific goals will help you determine the direction of your PPC account and make restructuring easier.

2. Eliminate Non-Performing Keywords

Don’t clutter the account with unnecessary keywords. Large accounts tend to have non-performing keywords, or terms that carried over from the legacy account. If you’re restructuring, you have to let go of these keywords.

Sort your keyword data by CTR, cost, average position, conversion. This will help you determine the non-performing terms from high-value key phrases. If a non-performing keyword is generating conversions, keep it. Integrate this keyword once the restructuring is complete.

AdWords Performance Review

3. Group Top Performing Keywords Together

Place top performing keywords in one group for easier ad targeting and less competition. This can help a high-value keyword perform even better with a tailored ad. In turn, this will make them easier to track when you’re done with the restructuring.

Top Performing Keywords

4. Make Restructuring a Gradual Process

Implement a schedule for your PPC restructure. Launch every section of your PPC changes gradually, instead of implementing them all at once. This can help you determine which aspects of the PPC account need improving, and make troubleshooting easier. This can also assist in making weekly or monthly comparisons; keep an eye on how the changes affect your account’s performance.

A Final Reminder

Not all restructures produce the same results. Thorough planning and careful execution is the key to getting the most out of your PPC restructuring. Always have a plan B in place—this will make it easier to tweak some of the elements in your account if things don’t pan out.

Planning a PPC restructure? Share your ideas with us.

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