Here’s a quick recap of the latest search-related news you might have missed last week.

Better Displays for URLs in Mobile Search

Along with its new mobile-friendly algorithm update, Google said it is also updating how URLs appear in mobile search results. More accurately, search results for mobile users will no longer display URLs.

Instead, Google will use the “real-world” name of the site rather than its domain name. It will also display the URL structure of a site in “a breadcrumbs-like” format.

URL Display in Mobile Search
Image Courtesy of: Google Webmaster Central Blog

The search giant said this update on URL presentation will “help mobile searchers understand your website better when we show it in the mobile search results.”

The update is exclusive to mobile search results and is set to roll out gradually. The site name changes will be seen only in US search results for now, while the breadcrumbs will be worldwide.

Google also provided a new set of structured data markup to help webmasters have more control over the way their site name appears on SERPs. More on that here.

France Wants to Know Google’s Search Algorithm

In other news, Google is facing numerous legal challenges in Europe, with France being one of the latest to take a shot at the search giant.

French lawmakers are taking action to compel Google to reveal its search algorithm, as well as to regulate search results. The country’s senators voted in favor of the bill that would require search companies to hand over their search algorithms to ensure fairness and that rivals are being treated fairly.

If passed, the law would apply to all search engines, but Google is the clear target as it controls about 90% of France’s search market. The bill, which was introduced as an amendment to another bill that aims to improve France’s economy, will likely not pass as it faces opposition from the government of President François Hollande.

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