LinkedIn’s latest update is a step towards increasing engagement for Company Pages. The update allows you to like or comment on a post in your company page as your company. It was not officially announced by the company, but it is slowly rolling out now for all company pages in the professional social network.

LinkedIn Rolls Out Update for Company Pages

Gradual Release for Company Admins

Prior to the update, company admins who wanted to comment or like a post on their LinkedIn company page had to use the personal account linked to the company page to do so. Now, as the company admin, your likes and comments on your company page posts will automatically appear under your company name. You don’t have to activate this feature – when it is ready for use, a banner (see image above, banner highlighted with a red box) will appear on the company page saying the feature is active.

We had just received our notification, and saying LinkedIn is rolling out the update slowly is no exaggeration. Their Help page shows that the feature has started rolling out at least mid-April, and to this day, it still says the feature is “being released gradually to all Company Pages.”

No Switching Back

There is one catch for this feature: if you are the admin of the page, and you want to post as yourself – for example, to express your personal opinion, which does not necessarily reflect the stand of your company – you won’t be able to do so. LinkedIn has not included in the update the option to switch from posting as the company to posting as yourself, a feature that you can find on Facebook pages. We have to wait and see if LinkedIn will provide this functionality in future updates, but for now, you can only post as your company in your own company page.

Things haven’t changed when you post in other Company Pages. You still won’t be able to post under your company name; instead, you’ll still be posting using your own personal account. This limits the brand engagement and exposure to the audience you already have on your own company page.

LinkedIn’s update was a step in the right direction, but it still needs a lot of work and revisions to keep up with the features offered by Facebook. Talk to us today to develop a strategy for LinkedIn and make the most of this new feature. Don’t forget to sign up free if you’re not yet our partner to get started. Keep checking back for more updates!

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