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Local Plus


10 keyword optimization
10 pages optimized
4 new pages of content &
4 outreach link campaigns
Custom tracking dashboard
Phone call, lead, and revenue driving campaign

Local Premium


20 keyword optimization
20 pages optimized
7 new pages of content &
5 outreach link campaigns
Custom tracking dashboard
Phone call, lead, and revenue driving campaign

Local Prime


20 keyword optimization
20 pages optimized
7 new pages of content &
7 outreach link campaigns
Advanced Technical Optimization and Custom tracking dashboard
Phone call, lead, and revenue driving campaign

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386.4+ Million

visits driven to clients’ websites annually


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6 Reasons Why Businesses Work With SEOReseller’s Local SEO Services

Better Results

Investing in SEO services for your local business is a smart decision. When you invest with us, we’ll show how every dollar results in financial returns.

Increase Conversions

Get more customers and increase your profits with our monthly local SEO services. We work hard to make sure you rank high in search engines so that people can find your business!

Securing Great ROI

We go the extra mile to make sure your business is profitable.

Performance Specialists

When you’re ready to take your business online, we have exactly what it takes. Our affordable local SEO services will provide the guidance and support from experienced professionals that every small or large enterprise needs!

Meaningful Reports

In today’s competitive market, having reliable information about what works can be difficult for any organization looking at their numbers from different angles – but we custom reports designed specifically according to each client’s needs!

Money-back Guarantee

Give our local business SEO services a try and if you don’t love them, we’ll give your money back!

How Our Local Business SEO Services Grow Your Leads and Sales

Developing-Strategy-And-Plan Local SEO

Developing Local SEO Services and Plan

You’re in good hands. We’ll make sure your business is on the right track to succeed, and identify any areas for improvement so you can keep moving forward!

Business Assessment

Target Customer

Competitor Analysis

Local SEO for Optimizing Websites

Our team will make sure your website ranks higher and gets you more visitors with targeted keywords that are related specifically for where we live! This means our local SEO services also help give customers an amazing user experience which makes them come back again in future searches.
scanning website

Scanning Website

Target Keywords

Search Results

Local SEO for Local Content and Link Building

For all the research we do, you can be sure that your content will capture target audiences’ attention. Additionally, our local SEO services in the USA use advanced techniques to build a linked system of pages. This takes people from one web page and returns them safely by creating links on other sites so they are easily routed back home again if needed!

High Quality Content

Consistent Content

Consistent Content

Link Building

Link Building


What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization (or local SEO) is the process focused on helping local brick and mortar businesses rank higher. Almost half of searches performed on Google have a “local intent”; therefore, it’s essential for a business to perform steps that would make themselves competitive on this web platform.

How does local SEO work?

Local SEO services work through search engines combining business information from different sources. Though similar to “normal” Google search, local SEO uses a different algorithm to rank local search results.

So, how does a local search engine optimization machine like Google identify location?

When it comes to multiple location SEO, there are key variables influencing ranking. Below are the primary factors governing how well a business performs locally.

The Location That The Person is Searching From

First, by using a desktop’s IP address or a mobile device’s geolocation, individuals researching geo-targeted keywords will be able to find your business.  You may have noticed multiple location SEOs appear  depending on your location.  For instance, when looking for “coffee”, results are typically the nearest franchise or mom and pop coffee shops nearest you. You automatically click on one of the top results because according to Google Business Profile Optimization Services, these are the best options matching the keywords and location you’re looking for.

NAP Citations

One of the very first things that a local SEO service will do is to make sure all NAP (an acronym for name, address, and phone number) is both correct and accurate on all platforms it can be found on. Any inaccuracy risks confusing search engine scans and this will leave a negative impression for both ranking and customers looking for the business. As always, think of the user experience. If a business provides misleading information, potential customers are more likely to turn away from using their service or product.

Online Reviews

There’s a 1966 movie called “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly”, starring Clint Eastwood. This is the perfect title for what Google does with reviews left for your businesses. If it comes from Google Business Profile, Yelp, or other online directories, search engines will calculate the results and reposition the business local search service ranking accordingly. Logically speaking, the better the ratings, the higher the grade a business gets, and ultimately achieve higher search results.

Yes, online reviews are valuable. And yes, the top reviews are coveted! If a business wants to stand out from the others within the same industry, providing stellar service is required, followed by a satisfied enough customer to leave these positive reviews.

This stream of ranking can go both ways though. Negative reviews  have more weight because this is typically what people seek when they’re determining which company to go to. The 1 negative review out of 5 will attract eyes faster and leave a diminished opinion. On this note, a company has to diligently work on making sure less than great reviews do not land on their platforms.

Additionally, local search service ranking can rise if a business communicates back and responds to reviews. This sends a message to search engines that the business is active and willing to engage with people. Taking the time to respond back, whether the review is good or bad, will encourage increased ranking.

Social Media

Do local SEO services and social media have a relationship? Social media is sharing any type of content to an audience. These include blog posts, videos, photos, infographics, and podcasts just to name a few. Many will use well known platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Surprisingly, while one may assume social media is directly correlated with SEO ranking this is not necessarily the case.

The line is blurry here though, because while there is no direct correlation between local seo services and social networking, high quality and consistent content will increase brand exposure. This brand exposure then triggers social signals to search engines like Google.

For example, when a business publishes a social media posting, this will help to improve online visibility and exposure. This exposure translates into increased brand recognition and also enhances brand reputation. The domino effect of consistent and valuable content ultimately transforms into brand exposure.

Finally, Google learns to believe the business is both relevant, prominent, and if within certain local parameters, useful to a specific keyword search.

Google Business Profile

Long gone is the use of Yellow Pages.  Instead, Google Business Profile was developed by the search engine whopper themselves, “Google”. While they will never outright share the steps on how they rank SERPs (also known as SERPS, utilizing their free tool for local SEO service enhancement is a strategy you just can’t ignore.

By signing your company up for Google Business Profile, you are capitalizing on the ability to be seen instantly during a target keyword search related to your business. By now, potential customers are used to typing in a keyword search and viewing the Google Business Profile listing on the search result page. Hence, having an established Google Business Profile listing puts you right in front of your target audience.

You can read more on this topic below.

Why is Local SEO Service in the USA Important For Your Business?

Most businesses are considered a “small business” and the thought of competing against larger  corporations can seem overwhelming. This is why local SEO services are important. Refined local SEO optimization helps nearby consumers find your business. Over 90% of consumers want to travel 20 minutes or less for their product or service. This should absolutely motivate any business to attract their local audience.

The right strategy is what takes businesses to the first page.  As a local SEO company, we’ll show you how businesses can stay right in front of their audience. For most brick and mortar businesses, local customers become their bread and butter once they have figured out how to utilize local SEO marketing.

How Does Local Search Optimization Impacts Sales/Leads
Local SEO Guide

One of the best Local SEO Guides to follow is the Google Business Profile Ranking Factors.  As the largest search engine online, adapting to their local search service ranking algorithm would be a top decision for any business. Let’s focus on the three categories Google focuses on: relevance, distance, and prominence.

The more accurate, relevant and consistent information a page provides, the better suited they are to compete for the local rankings. Search engines like Google are intelligent enough to understand which business to suggest to you based on location and the results show up on the local search engine optimization results page.

Google Business Profile makes it easy to add all the necessary details your business needs to highlight for local search service ranking. In short, by making sure that all lines to fill are complete, a business increases their level of  relevance and helps Google Business Profile search engines identify what kind of business is being offered. Filling in the correct information once is necessary, but maintenance is also key. Any business changes must reflect accurately on here to help customers find the industry they’re looking for.

Having all the information supplied, Google is able to determine a customer’s search based on their location. Even if a customer doesn’t add a specific location within their search, Google is still able to identify the nearest results based on the person’s position with their phone or computer.  Prominence of the business does play a role in SERP.  How well the business is known both locally and globally will play a role in impacting local SEO services. Examples of this can be found from external websites like reviews, links and directories. 

Local SEO Checklist

So far, we’ve discussed how local SEO services are used to help optimize a business. Let’s break it down even further on what and how a local SEO company is able to do this.

Optimizing Website for Local SEO Ranking

These are the things read and found directly on a website. Visually speaking there is a caption to read or a picture or video right in front of them. There are title tags, URLs and images that can be structured in a way to help keywords and help create a SEO-friendly page.

Your content on your webpage needs to be high quality and designed for peak customer experience. For instance, the navigation menu should be in index format and the name, address and phone number should always accurately match the information on other platforms for consistency. Our team for local SEO services is qualified to design premium content built to attract and appeal to your targeted customers. 

Having optimized your website with high quality keywords and content, the next important thing for a local seo company to do is to build links to your pages. Internal linking is providing links so that your audience is routed elsewhere within your website. External linking is a little harder and works when another person or company (preferably with authority and trust built in your industry) provides your links to the reader. In other words, these are considered as “referrals” and help your business’ validity and credibility grow.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile Optimization Services is an essential part of the local SEO solution. They have made it easy to include all of the elements that are pivotal in helping identify specific business attributes after creating an official page. It’s important to choose the correct business category since this plays such a key role in local seo services. Businesses that verify and complete the outlines provided by Google have a greater chance of gaining web and Google Maps visibility, helping their customers to find them. Lastly, this is also an opportune time when images of the company logo and profile pictures are uploaded for optical appeal. 

Watching Online Reputation

Everything is set up. . . but that doesn’t mean you (or a local SEO agency) can just sit back, relax, and do nothing. Your business will continue to rely on factors affecting your online reputation such as online reviews and engagement with social media. With some effort, proactivity can spin your wheels forward.

A simple way to get these reviews is just by asking for it. With the help of some of the tools Google provides, a company has access to encourage their customers to leave reviews about their product or services. A company with positive reviews is much more likely to motivate their target audience to seek their business over others.

With reviews also comes the responsibility of replying to them. Those who leave a review want to hear back and those who read them are watching to see if the business has the courtesy to reply. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, online reputation is carried out with the level of a gracious response.

Tracking Your Local SEO Service Performance

Finally, with everything else on the checklist marked off, it’s time to make sure local SEO service performance is being tracked. With all of these efforts, it is necessary to acquire how impactful they are on Google search and Google Maps.

Position Tracking is an example of a program to use for tracking. A business can use it to  follow target keywords in a focused area. Not only does it keep track of your position with local SEO ranking, it also shares where your competitors stand. With this data, your business can make adjustments as needed to ensure a strategy to help with local SEO.

How Can SEOReseller Make Your Business Grow Locally With Local SEO Services?

Having helped thousands of businesses raise their local SEO enhancement and reach their business goals, our local SEO services can help your very own business.  With specific step by step methods we have tried and tested with positive results, we can offer similar practices for your business.

As your local SEO experts, we love to help our clients dominate the first page of Google and surpass their competitors brand awareness!

We hope you choose us! And if so, you can expect a local SEO agency that:

  • Has years of industry expertise to deliver value-added services as a local SEO marketing company
  • Uses our proven methodology based on local SEO strategies for each individual campaign
  • Has in depth experience with local SEO services for business and provides website audits, project management, and campaign fulfillment

SEOReseller’s Approach to
Local SEO Services

The right strategy is what takes businesses to the first page ranking.  As a local SEO company, we’ll show you how businesses can stay right in front of their audience. For most brick and mortar businesses, local customers become their bread and butter once they have figured out how to utilize local SEO marketing. We allow businesses to focus on their skill to grow their business while we handle the technical aspects of marketing.  Read on to see how our local SEO agency expertly devises a plan to move forward with a system that ranks your business!

Let’s Get Started!

    Target Keywords Relevant to Your Local Business SEO Services

    Keywords.  Keywords. Keywords. It’s not a secret that choosing the right keywords is the make or break it for SEO ranking.  Businesses can rely on a local seo marketing company to boost a website by detecting which top keywords to use for local products or services. Identifying keywords is a prominent ingredient in the process of seo and cannot be overlooked for successful SERP.

    Knowing how important using correct keywords are, let’s look at some things to keep in mind when determining which keywords to use. A local SEO agency uses tools (like Google Trends) to learn which keywords have high search volumes within your industry niche. High search volumes affect the traffic potential to your website.  On the other hand, higher volume makes for greater competition and there is the chance of not getting found amidst other businesses.

    On that note, it’s also beneficial to find keywords that have lower volume.

    Confused yet?

    The reason why this is recommended, is because lower volume keywords can be “gems” and have the potential to be game changers for your targeted audience to find you. Like you, they seek keywords that are categorized as “unique”. If they look for this “unique” keyword that you so happen to provide, that’s when magic happens. . .

    As you can see, sticking to just high or low volume keywords isn’t adequate enough on determining the right keywords for your niche. A local SEO company is able to help in this search and consider the size of the market. If it’s sizeable and transparently competitive, dive deep into more specific keywords or phrases in the industry.

    Learn about the behaviors of the target audience and apply this knowledge to better define keywords that would be used by them. Finally, expand into related markets to find similar keywords you originally hadn’t thought of.

    Local Content Optimization

    With keywords identified for the industry you’re in, content can be developed with an SEO focused strategy. Building on these keywords and keyword phrases, published content can be made regularly on blogs and monthly articles. Consistency, quality, and uniqueness are the three components to making content that supports higher local SEO ranking.

    Those who have regular blog postings tend to see more traffic to their sites. In fact, the number is an astonishing 350% more traffic than those who deviate from publishing content regularly. When there’s a schedule, people, being creatures of habit, tend to naturally identify the pattern and will continue coming back for more content they’re interested in. They may also share, spread the word about the topic, and guide others to the same page. Posting using valued keywords consistently helps to build a loyal audience and gives them a reason to keep coming back.

    Even if content is consistent, it still needs to always be tailored to the local SEO ranking. Content that is dull and repetitive, and with minimal value to the reader, will cease local SEO solution. One way to avoid this is to abstain from Wikipedia-type content. While it is easy and quick to either copy or rewrite information from Wikipedia, there is great risk of doing what many others are already doing. Consequently, imitating similar content will only result in hidden ranking.

    Aim to deliver content that stands out, is memorable, and that somehow makes an impact to your targeted audience. The internet gives fast access to your audience on the topic they are trying to learn. It may take a little more time, but strive to curate content that aspires to your local niche and keywords. . . with a twist. Focus on the user and determine what they would want to learn more about. In short, the ingredient for uniqueness is what will multiple location SEO points!

    Lastly, keyword stuffing is a real thing. It doesn’t sound natural at all  and congesting too many keywords in one area will result in negative ranking. Local search engine optimizations are intelligent enough to identify these during scans and discredit the site for its lack of optimization. In short, always proofread before publishing and assess how natural the content appears and sounds.

    Local Citations and Listings

    It’s time to build credibility and validity to your business.  One way we help your business do this is to create ways to link back to your site from outside sources. There has to be roads from other websites leading back to your very own business.

    On top of that, for raising local SEO purposes, we find links from local directories. This process is very hands on and can be time consuming.  However, when done right, these local directory links will be key players in achieving higher ratings on SERPs.

    Fortunately, there are a lot of options to choose from for building local SEO directories who will link to you. One of the most common ways to do this (and you may already have done this unknowingly) is to create social media platforms.  If you have created a Facebook business page for your site and have your web address available on the main page, you have unwittingly created a local link.

    This action adds positive fuel to your local SEO services.  Furthermore, always make sure that N.A.P (name, address and phone number) are correct and consistent amongst all of the platforms. If there are any inconsistencies, customers may get confused and engine scans are intelligent enough to provide a negative assessment.

    Other directories to try and get added on are the Better Business Bureau, local newspapers, sponsorship opportunities, and even influencers. Gathering customer reviews with positive ratings are also helpful elements for local SEO ranking. 

    Some of these tactics are simple while others require a lengthy hands-on approach of networking and developing relationships. However, as  your local SEO marketing company, we believe the investment of experienced work and time will yield SEO local solutions you’re looking for.      

    Monitor Reviews & Ratings

    Our local SEO service has a unique service! The right tool can help take local SEO solutions to the next level. We give you access to a personalized dashboard built to share data and provide you with tools to monitor your website’s SEO performance.

    • View call clicks, traffic and direction requests
    • Integrate Google Business Profile Dashboard
    • Display Google Analytics in real-time
    • Monitor local search and keyword ranking summary
    • Manage all of your local campaigns from one dashboard
    • Track leads coming from different landing pages in the CRM
    • Analyze backlinks and ensure sites stay optimized
    • Get Local SEO proposals done in minutes
    • Alerts for any new reviews

    With transparency at your fingertips like this, you have access to all of your local SEO listings. Secondly,  by having one location with this information, you have the capability to make better goals and have confidence in your decision making with your local SEO marketing company. 

    Now, you can rest easy when a customer shares a new review for your business.  With instant notification, you learn about a published review.  Whether it’s a “thank you” or tactical response back, you won’t have to miss the opportunity to provide feedback, increasing overall customer experience.

    Accurate Reporting

    While we offer a personalized dashboard for a business to use, some won’t necessarily take advantage of the tool. We will still send accurate reports to our clients and share what is working and what pivots may be necessary. With variables always playing a key factor in ranking, our goal is to both identify and transition to continue enhancing your local SEO.

    We understand that at least at first, the data may be confusing.  It may take a little time to confidently read the numbers and see how it affects your local SEO services. With these reports, we welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have through email or a scheduled phone call.

    Read About Our Local Business SEO Services Packages that Work

    We’re eager to show you how we help businesses find success through our local SEO assistance! Check out our Local SEO Case Study:
    How Local SEO Created a New Revenue Stream for a Landscaper.

    No Two Local Businesses Are Alike

    And neither will their local SEO needs be the same. That’s why we have white label local SEO marketing for agencies looking to outsource local SEO services for businesses of varying sizes and goals.

    Solidify Local SEO Presence with Positive Reputation

    Rest easy. The right tool can help take local business SEO service to the next level. Our Reputation Management Dashboard provides you with that.

    reputation management listing

    Nobody likes missed opportunities. Especially when those opportunities mean missed business. Monitor all your local SEO listings in one place.

    reputation management reviews
    Online Reviews

    Stay on top of customer reviews on all the popular review sites. Receive alerts when someone posts a new review and respond immediately to customers.

    reputation management feedback
    Customer Experience

    View and collect feedback from customers in one place. Use this to encourage more customers to share their experience about the business.

    local seo proposals

    We’re making it easier to sell local SEO business services

    A great proposal is critical to the success of your pitch. We make it easier with a customized and well-written local SEO proposal ready in under 3 minutes with the Proposal Builder.

    Customize the proposal to include local SEO products from the Store, pair with other digital marketing services, and set your local SEO pricing to show a quotation for clients. No need to build the document from scratch—a few clicks are all it takes to create your local SEO proposal.

    Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

    “These campaigns are awesome! It’s way exciting seeing the progress of all of these campaigns.”


    “I’m pleased to see the significant gains in rankings. Thank you for your efforts in making this happen.”


    “It has been a great pleasure working with your team. You are quick to respond to my questions and provide great information when I need it. Thank you!”


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