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    6 Reasons Why Your International SEO Agency Should Work With SEOReseller

    Better Results

    Investing in International SEO services is an excellent decision for any company. Not only does it create financial returns, but also more satisfied clients and employees!

    Increase Conversions

    We work with businesses of all sizes to help them succeed. Our proven international SEO services will drive more conversions for your business, so you can grow without breaking the bank!

    Securing Great ROI

    The right international SEO strategy will make all the difference in your company’s success! We have a team of experts who specialize across different markets and industries. The course of action is simple. We’ll give you more conversions and increase your business’ bottom line, which will lead to an expansion in revenue for both parties involved!

    Performance Specialists

    You’ll be able to take your company in the digital age with our team of experts and get a head start on competition by using SEO services that are tailored for international markets.

    Meaningful Reports

    It can be hard to tell which company will give your business exactly what it needs. That’s why we’ve built our reputation on providing data-driven decision making and clear communication with every client!

    We use insights from multiple sources like Google Analytics or social media channels so no matter where they are located, a business can find success!

    Money-back Guarantee

    We offer a great policy when it comes to returns and exchanges. If you don’t absolutely love your purchase, we’ll happily refund the cost!

    How Our International SEO Services Grow Your Leads and Sales

    Developing-Strategy-And-Plan International SEO

    Developing International SEO Services
    and Plan

    Working with our team of international seo consultants, we’ll get to know each other and discuss the steps that are typically taken from start-to finish. We will also talk about your goals for business success as well as what’s most important in regards to improving overall online presence strengths versus weaknesses.

    Business Assessment

    Target Customer

    Competitor Analysis

    Optimizing International Websites

    Our professional team will create an international SEO-optimized site, which means higher search rankings with targeted keywords based on what’s best for our client’s business needs!
    scanning website

    Scanning Website

    Target Keywords

    Search Results

    International SEO Services for Content
    and Link Building

    At our international SEO agency, we specialize in creating high-quality and consistent content for your website or blog post. All of the research that is done ensures you will capture target audiences’ attention with informative articles designed to meet their needs!

    High Quality Content

    Consistent Content

    Consistent Content

    Link Building

    Link Building

    What’s Different With International SEO?

    Global SEO services refer to the process of international search engine optimization to increase organic traffic from a variety of countries. This helps search engines such as Google identify the specific countries you need to target and the languages your business uses in those countries. Unlike local SEO, which focuses on a localized audience group in your language, international SEO services will need to optimize the website for different languages and countries.

    Approximately 40% of international customers will prefer to buy from a company that speaks their language; therefore, it is essential to tailor multilingual SEO services to make the business competitive vs. local companies abroad. Those customers are more likely to search for a product or service in their native tongue, which is why an international SEO company can help improve the business visibility in global search engines.

    Additionally, the fundamentals of international SEO go beyond a simple translation of your website content. Speaking the same language as your target audience is important. Yet, the international search optimization process also needs to match valuable localization signals to maintain a competitive ranking. This ensures the website can be perceived as relevant for users in the international location you target.

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    SEOResellers Approach to International SEO

    As an international SEO agency, we actively support entrepreneurs who wish to grow their business for an international audience. Bringing your business to the next level in an international market means creating a digital presence that can appeal to and attract users outside your national SEO target. Our global SEO service works with local search engines to let them know that your business has content suitable for the local users in their preferred language.

    Though a successful SEO strategy needs to combine localization ranking factors, international search engine optimization requires a unique strategy for each target location and/or language. Indeed, with no physical presence abroad, your business can’t benefit from the same local signals for ranking used for local SEO services.

    So, how does an international SEO compete with companies that have a physical brick-and-mortar presence and can use local SEO?

    International SEO services create localization signals to target customers in different countries and languages. This involves using signals that improve content targeting for global consumers, such as hreflang tags and website geo-targeting. An international SEO-friendly URL structure, for example, focuses on location and informs the search engine about the relevant page content.

    A global SEO company also needs to provide multilingual SEO services, ensuring that the language used in a specific target country matches the preference expressed by international customers. It is important to mention that, depending on the targeted countries, international SEO services may not always require a change of language. For instance, a company that wishes to target both Mexico and Spain can use Spanish for both areas.

    Before considering international SEO marketing, we always recommend researching precisely which language your international visitors are using. The Language report in Google Analytics provides valuable insights into the languages spoken by your visitors. The report can also help differentiate language and country variants of the same language, such as en-us and en-gb, which will help tailor international SEO services accordingly.

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    Tasks we perform on our International SEO Services

    As an international SEO company, we have helped hundreds of businesses reach a global audience. We rely on specific step-by-step methods we have developed and tested successfully to enhance your international outreach.

    As your international SEO services experts, we are dedicated to helping our clients dominate the first page of search engine results and build local brand awareness abroad.

    Discover how we can help you achieve your global goals!

    All Local SEO Packages Included

    All local SEO packages are already included in our global SEO marketing offer. This includes:

    local digital optimization setup
    on-page content optimization
    local reputation management setup
    accurate reporting via a personalized dashboard showing all your SEO KPIs

    Link building adds credibility to your website. As a newcomer in an international market, a strong link building strategy will help your business stand out from the crowd and face local competition, which increases your domain authority.

    One way SEOReseller helps your website is by finding natural and relevant links from local sources. Local directories are a fantastic listing source for backlinks. We also reach out to authority blogs to create natural backlinks.

    We also encourage businesses to create international social media platforms. If you have created an Instagram profile for your global business presence that links to your international home page, you essentially have a local link. The process can be repeated for as many social media profiles as you need.

    We can also gather other listings and citations through influencers, local media, customer reviews, sponsorship opportunities, etc. These tactics, while they can be time-demanding, can significantly develop your presence in a new market and inject credibility to the international brand.

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    Keyword Reports & Research

    Keywords are a no-brainer. Without carefully selected keywords, you can’t expect to build a solid global SEO presence. When you approach international growth, you probably already have a list of keywords for your local and national presence.

    We make certain that your international keywords will be relevant to customers in a specific country or speaking a specific language. Therefore, our international SEO services focus heavily on keyword conversion and keyword research. More often than not, brands that go international can’t use the same non-branded search terms. They need to focus on the terms used by the local audience in the official country’s language. We refer to keyword research activities to confirm that your website captures applicable searches in the relevant languages.

    High search volumes are a good baseline to work with. However, high volumes bring high competition. We focus our keyword research on discovering valuable, lower volume keywords that can help you target your unique audience without the competition.

    Additionally, if your services or products differ from a country to another, you will need to adjust your keyword lists accordingly. We ensure that each geo-targeted location and language has a unique list of keywords, which we monitor and report on every month.


    Websites that post regular blog articles attract more organic traffic. The reason is simple: Blogs enable a website to keep its content fresh, optimized, and relevant.

    At SEOReseller, we help ensure your content is optimized for your international audience and regularly refreshed. Content quality is a crucial factor in creating a strong link building strategy that guarantees natural outreach and increased views. That is why we produce high quality, engaging and unique content in the languages of the targeted countries.

    Are you ready to begin growing on an international level?

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    International SEO – Best Practices 2022

    The most important aspect of building successful international SEO services is to be able to understand and anticipate your audience’s needs.

    Understand your market approach

    No two international SEO marketing strategies are the same. The strategy you need will depend entirely on your company and target audience.

    The international SEO agency will focus primarily on a language-based segmentation strategy if the business maintains the same range of products or services across an international market. This will ensure the content is optimized for individual international target groups or languages but remains the same across the board.

    On the other hand, if the business provides different services or products in different markets, it makes sense to approach each country separately. The international SEO strategy focuses on building dedicated country websites with their own global SEO approaches.

    Do Your Research Before Approaching A New Market

    When you reach a new market, you need to understand how your audience and your competitors behave in the market.

    The most costly mistake a business can make is to apply local audience knowledge and behaviors to an international market. When you partner with an international SEO agency, you work with SEO experts who can help research who your audience is. The research typically focuses on keyword research, traffic monitoring, and understanding how people search for similar products and services. This is the first step of your international SEO strategy.

    As a newcomer to an international market, you are likely to face two types of competition. First of all, local businesses can present strong competition in terms of local SEO visibility, brand awareness, and market experience. Additionally, you can also face known brands that implement international SEO marketing, and these brands could already be competitors in your national market. That’s precisely why it’s essential to work with an international SEO company and
    protect your global presence.

    Determine The Right Keywords For Each Country

    When you target a market in a different language, your keywords will automatically change, even if the products remain the same. “Women’s shirts” in an en-us region become “Frauen Blusen” in a de-de market, for example. However, more than an exercise of translation, international SEO requires transcreating the keywords to the relevant search terms used by the audience to find similar products or services. Additionally, some industry sectors like IT tend to keep English keywords even when English isn’t the targeted country’s language.

    An international SEO company expert’s role is to determine the term(s) used by the local users and the unique search patterns for every keyword. Sometimes, the search patterns can differ significantly even when the terms are the same. For example, “Mother’s Day” in the US remains the same in the UK. However, the months during which users will search relevant products are different.

    It is also worth mentioning that international SEO services should also focus on monthly search volumes in the relevant target markets. A popular keyword in one market could attract less international traffic once transcreated for a new audience.

    Introduce New Local SEO Signals For Specific Targets

    Aside from the typical international SEO services for Google, the role of a global SEO partner is to ensure your website is equipped to achieve the best possible ranking in a specific international market. A local hosting solution can prove highly effective in improving localization signals.

    Additionally, while Google is the number one search engine in the US, it isn’t necessarily the preferred search engine for your targeted location. For example, South Korea prefers Naver, often called “the Google of South Korea”. Russian users are more familiar with Yandex than Google. Chinese searches happen on Baidu. These search engines have different algorithm and ranking factors. Consequently, it makes sense to tailor the international search engine optimization strategy to the most relevant search engines in each country.

    Set hreflang Attributes

    The hreflang attribute informs the search engine about your content language and the geo-targeting for your website. The hreflang attribute is essential for international search engine optimization because:

    It prevents duplicate content penalties for regions that use almost the same language, such as the US and the UK, en-us vs. en-gb.
    It clarifies your geo-targeting for search engines, so your website can appear for relevant searches in the relevant region and language.

    FAQs on International SEO Services



    Thanks to your team for providing us with the SEO action plan! We couldn’t have done it without all your insights. Excited to see more of your work!



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    SEOReseller is truly one of the best companies that I’ve worked with, and I’ve been sending them work for more than 8 years. Truly admire their work ethic and professionalism.



    Loved what you did with our UK campaign and our guys in London are looking forward to our US campaign. You’re rockstars.


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