A 360-View of Campaigns in One SEO Dashboard

Simple and efficient SEO dashboard that monitors campaigns for you

Rankings & Reporting? See Them in One Place.

See progress at a glance with our SEO dashboard built for agencies and businesses.

Keyword Rankings

Backlinks Analysis

On-page Analysis

Organic Traffic

Monthly Trends

Our SEO reporting dashboard displays the key metrics to report campaign performance and provide ROI for your digital marketing initiatives.

Find out how campaigns are delivering results and get a clear picture of the SEO performance for the websites under your care.

We Have the Digital Arsenal to Grow Your Business

Claim your SEO dashboard and access more features to give your business the digital leverage.

A Platform That Gives a Snapshot of SEO Essentials

SEO Health Visibility

Track metrics to determine how your strategies are playing out with our intuitive SEO reporting dashboard.

Data from Trusted SEO Tools

Our SEO dashboard integrates Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other rank tracking tools used by pros.

Easy Access Anytime, Anywhere

It’s cloud-based. You can access the dashboard and get data in real-time whenever, wherever.


Our Happy Clients Have Spoken!

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Google My Business Dashboard

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Marketing Automation

Communicate with a purpose and drive interest to nurture your prospects and convert them into clients.

Landing Pages

Optimized landing pages built to capture more leads for your agency.

Reputation Management

Find out what customers are saying about you with this all-in-one reputation management tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get your SEO data?

We have our own SERPs tracking technology that scrapes search results daily for all our campaigns. We use this in combination with the API integrations for other SEO tools.

How do you display keyword rankings?

The SEO dashboard provides a week-to-week visual representation of first-page keyword rankings for a campaign. By exploring the dashboard further, you’ll see more details of the keyword rankings.

Can anyone access the SEO dashboard?

Yes. You can configure access and grant permissions on who can view the SEO dashboard – your own view, employee view, or client view.

Can I add keywords to the SEO dashboard myself?

This function is currently unavailable. We want to make sure all keywords we’re tracking are consistent with the campaign performance. Any random changes in targeted keywords may leave the campaign open to misinterpretation of data, which may affect how we rank your campaigns.

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