Whether your clients are looking to reach new audiences, expand their current social network, stimulate business page engagement with more post likes, comments, and shares, generate recurring traffic to their websites, gain awareness or retain local customers or target a certain demographic within a location, our new Facebook Paid Ads, one of  SEOReseller’s improved white label social media services, is the solution to quickly accomplish these goals without spending too much.

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Target the Right Audience

Facebook Paid Ads goals

Each Facebook Paid Ads campaign comes with expert analytics needed to deliver your client’s messages to the most receptive audience that can accomplish their marketing goals. Our social media strategists identify the audience that best resembles your clients’ target market demographic, is located within the business geographic location, looks like their existing customer profiles, and those whose interests are relevant to their business.

Campaign Audience Report

Campaign Placement Report

Generate New and Recurring Traffic

Our strategies are not confined to reach and engage Facebook users. We can help drive traffic that are distinct from what your clients would normally attract and complement other Digital Marketing campaigns for that multi-channel marketing approach. Facebook Paid Ads complements local marketing efforts with its hyperlocal targeting feature.

Advert Full Window

Campaign Full Window
Advert Report

What you can expect from our White Label Facebook Paid Ads:

Advert Creatives

  • Custom Facebook Ad Strategy tailored to meet your client’s goals whether it’s for awareness, website traffic generation or goal conversions
  • Hyperlocal targeting and audience profiling based on demographics, location, and interests
  • Multiple original creative assets with unique graphic designs and compelling copies consist of four ad sets, eight creatives, multiple creative tests
  • Premium images specifically bought and selected for the campaign
  • Expert analytics to identify the best audience for targeting
  • A/B Testing of creatives and audience
  • Weekly Ad performance reports and calibration

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