Isn’t it tiring to add people on Google Plus using the invite form?  This will all come to an end because you can now invite people to the network with a single tweet. Google+ is now rolling out a new feature, allowing you to invite up to 150 people with a single post of a link.

Shimrit Ben-Yair, Google’s product manager, said in order for you to activate this feature, click the “invite friends” button on the right side of the website. It will provide you a link wherein you can re-post it anywhere on the website or tweet it. It also shows a sign up meter of invites you have left. People who see your invite link simply needs to click on it and they’ll be invited to Google+. Google+

Twitter is still one of the major social media marketing tools used by SEM and SEO reseller companies, making this a smart move for Google to get more sign ups. There is one minor setback with this feature. You need to shorten the link yourself to tweet the message or else it’ll get messy. With regards to this, The Google team should provide an automatic shortened link soon.

Although Google Plus hasn’t released its profile pages for businesses, this information proves handy for future use. Having more friends on Google+ potentially gives you a huge boost on search results, ranking you better. For example, you are an owner of Ford with a Google+ business page. If one person from your network looks for a car via Google’s search engine, there is a big possibility that your website will appear on the first page saying that the person is friends with you on Google+. This will likely happen as long as they are signed in.

This should give the phrase “Friends with benefits” a new meaning. Do you want to know more about Google Plus? Look for private label SEO companies, like, to learn more about this new social networking service. Check out their website at to maximize this opportunity for your business.

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