Finding and earning guest blogging opportunities can be challenging, especially after Google changed their web spam definitions and included guest blogging on the list. Many bloggers are being more careful about the type of content they receive online. You will need to build your network among high-authority blog owners and online influencers in order to get the guest blogs that really count. I want to give you five examples of resources you can use to find guest blogging opportunities and build your network at the same time.

RSS Feeds

Why It Works:  Checking different RSS feeds for specific topics using search tools let you see which blogs receive the most traffic. This is perfect if you are going after readership and audience outreach.

How To Do It: Use a tool like Instant RSS Search to search for RSS feeds about your favorite topics. The results display blogs according to the size of their subscriber list.

Instant RSS Search
The Instant RSS Search tool is a Google-powered RSS feed tool that displays results according to the number of subscribers they have.

About Us Page

Why It Works: If you already have a specific brand in mind that you’d like to associate your brand with, and they have their own website, chances are you’ll find the personal blogs of their leaders in the About Us section. You can then reach out to them through blog comments and discussions to form a relationship.

How to Do It: Have a short list of the brands you’d like to be associated with, and visit their websites to know more about their leaders. Make sure that when you reach out to them, you reach out to offer insights and information, and build their trust while building your network. This process takes time (as does other ways of building quality relationships), but it’ll be all worth it if you play your cards right.

Another way of doing this type of thing is by checking out forums. The profile info for the most active participants will most likely include their blog info. Check their blogs out and keep interacting with them through the forum to start building a relationship.

Twitter Lists

Why It Works: Looking at Twitter lists is often neglected, but it is a good source of targeted lists featuring blogs, websites, and other features about your industry. This is because Twitter allows users to create different types of lists on all kinds of topics.

How to Do It: You’ll need Google and the following search query: inurl:/list + “KEYWORD”

Twitter lists
An example query for Twitter lists featuring “marketing”

Google+ “Contributor To” Section

Why It Works: Aside from building your network of influencers by adding them to your circles and interacting with them, you also get to see which blogs they have written for. This creates a new prospect list for you.

How to Do It: You’ll need an updated Google+ account and a list of influencers in your industry. Add them to your circles and check their “Contributor To” section in the About tab. Interacting with them through their posts and Hangouts won’t hurt as well.

Contributor To
The “Contributor To” section is where you’ll find a list of the blogs / websites they have written for or they currently write for

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