I’ve got exciting news for our partners – we’re officially rolling out our updated SEO suites today. We’re continuously improving on the services we offer to ensure your campaigns remain on top. Our updated Organic and Competitive SEO suites are designed to give our partners more quality content, more diverse links, and more aggressive campaign reporting and strategy.

Let me walk you through the improvements in our SEO suites:

Full Website Audit for All Campaigns

SEOReseller.com Launches SEO Product Developments

Our partners will now receive the most complete and comprehensive website audit for all packages. This feature is meant to help you show your clients what online marketing solutions they need for their website to achieve its intended business purpose. We’ve made our reports easy for you and your clients to understand to help facilitate your proposal meeting.

You will receive a white label website audit report that covers all aspects of your websites that keep your campaigns from ranking. Our website audit includes the following:

  • General Website Audit – Includes site speed, crawlability, site errors, and meta data check.
  • Usability Metrics – We check your site for broken links, missing meta data, content quality and footer link optimization to ensure enhanced user experience.
  • Functionality Check – We check specific elements of your site that affect usability and ensure that tracking devices are in place for effective campaign analysis.

More Content for On-Page and Content Marketing

SEOReseller.com Launches SEO Product DevelopmentsBecause the true objective of optimization is improving user-experience, we put a strong focus on relevant, original and authoritative content for your site. Our mantra is: “To rank your page, it has to be one of the most authoritative pages for that subject matter.”

This is not old school keyword stuffing. In fact, keywords are not the primary consideration for creating this content. Our company has proven experience across dozens of industries. We want your page to benefit from that expertise. After all, you found us on the first page precisely for that reason. You can be on the first page too! But you need to work with a company that has developed the experience in ranking hundreds of websites despite 25 Panda updates and has the best interest of your business at heart.

On-Page is the core of our science – and user experience is the core of our On-Page strategies. Unlike most SEO Companies, we’re not here to fight the algorithm – we work with it!

Sound Link Acquisition made more Potent than Ever

For fear of a lack of modesty, we dare say that our off-page strategies work! Post Penguin, Penguin‎ 3, Penguin 2.0 and Penguin 2.1, hundreds of our clients are still ranking on the first page. Why? For the same reason our On-page strategies work – we don’t work against the algorithm, we work with it. At the intake of every campaign, we perform a “baggage check.” Yes, a baggage check – not the kind they do at the airport, we’re more effective!

SEOReseller.com Launches SEO Product DevelopmentsWe check every potential client’s backlink portfolio and identify historic activities that do not comply with our strategy and methodology. Let’s face it, legacy tactics worked in the past, but they offered short-term gains at best. Our strategies aim to build long-term gains for clients. This is why we did not “survive” the Penguin updates – we thrived in them!

Our extensive off-page portfolio consists of publishing partners that have great readership, fresh original content, and authority. When we build your link acquisition strategy, we take elements like referral diversity, link velocity, C-Class diversity, trust and citation flow, subject matter relevance and more! Each referral you receive is unique in terms of content, domain, and IP.

After recently working out a new partnership with a second group of publishing partners (with a third partnership already in the works), we anticipate that the off-page momentum we drive for clients will improve results significantly.

We don’t sell links, and we don’t build you hundreds and hundreds of backlinks. In the post-Penguin 2.1 world, less is more. We provide our partners with great, original, value-adding content based on their publishing requirements, and consistent with their stict standards.. We place your website only where it is relevant. This is meant to drive referral traffic, not artificially improve rankings. The improved rankings are just a side-effect of doing things consistent with Google’s Quality Guidelines.

Check our methodology in action! Download this case study and see how we ranked one of our clients for over 80% of their terms in 60 days.

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