Clean up your link profile with the help of our Link Clean-Up product.

The Penguin 2.1 update has left many websites penalized, especially those who used (or are still using) old link acquisition methods. Every day I get new projects coming from other SEOs with lots of link “baggage” attached to them. So we developed a product, to help webmasters recover from a Google penalty. This product line has been tested with success across 60+ websites, and today we’re happy to announce it available for everyone.

Our link clean up product is an end to end recovery program for website’s either affected by the algorithm, or site’s with a manual action penalty in Google Webmaster Tools on their site. We use the best products in the industry for this procedure, along with a team of analysts that look through the back links and work to get rid of them.

When Is Link Clean Up Needed?

You’ll need to clean up your link profile and disavow on Google if you’ve done any type of link building in the past that can hurt your current rankings and visibility on the SERPs. No exceptions. The site will not recover it’s ranking if you do not. Here’s some specific scenarios when it’s needed:

  • Legacy Link Building – SEO from two years ago or farther, directory links, links from spammy article sites, thousands of social bookmarks, spun content with anchor texts to your site, and links from irrelevant sites to your industry
  • Old-School Link Building – If your current rankings are due to old accepted link building practices that are no longer effective in a post-Penguin/Panda world
  • Paid Links – Paid “dofollow” links are being targeted and penalized by Google
  • Link Baggage – You have thousands of links from legacy SEO activities like blog comments
  • No Anchor Text Diversity – If your anchor text is majorly focused around one of more phrases
  • Received A Manual Penalty in Google Webmaster Tools Link Clean Up Product Details

The good news is we’ve developed a solution for cleaning up and disavowing bad links from SEOs. I’m very excited to officially launch our Link Clean-Up solutions.

We’ve tested the recovery process on 60+ websites and have seen great success. Using a combination of the best tools in the industry and the expertise of our SEO specialist team, we will examine your link profile, qualify which links need to be removed, and clean up your backlink profile. Here’s how we do it:

  1. We evaluate and prequalify your site for Link Clean-Up using Ahrefs and Google Webmaster Tools. This includes checking for legacy link building activities and manual penalty warnings from Google.
  2. We access Google Webmaster Tools to extract your backlink profile information.
  3. These links are then uploaded into Link Detox ( to identify potentially harmful links.
  4. We generate a text file of the links from Link Detox.
  5. All third party links will be analyzed, eliminating duplicate domains in the process.
  6. Using RMOOV (, we will submit removal or delete requests for the third party links considered bad for your site.
  7. We will monitor the removal / deletion status of the links that we submitted through RMOOV.
  8. The text file for GWT will be updated after we receive an update on the removal status.
  9. We will then generate the final text file to upload to GWT with the updated link removal attempt status.
  10. We will send you the file so you can upload and submit the disavow. (Only the original webmaster on the site can do this.)

With the help of our thorough Link Clean-Up package, we can help sites recover from a Google penalty. If you’ve been hit by an algorithm update or been manually penalized by Google, contact us. I can’t emphasize enough that the affected sites on the web will not recover their rankings without this procedure.

Clean-Up Your Link Profile Now

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