SEO is many things, but its ever-changing nature makes life difficult for digital marketers.

Your site was ranking first before going to sleep, and the next day —boom!—you’re down to Page 5. You realize that every bit of your hard work to stay on top is gone in just a blink of an eye — all because of an algorithm change you never saw coming.

Unless you can accurately predict Google’s moves months before they actually take place, all you could do is to stay vigilant. And I mean every single day.

Regularly reading fresh posts from industry authorities, such as Moz or Search Engine Land won’t suffice. Your campaigns are doomed if this is the best you can do to monitor SERP’s volatility.

Part of your everyday ritual as a reseller should be analyzing trends using tools like Algoroo or MozCast. These sites provide invaluable data showing ranking movements on Google search results. Knowing how to predict upcoming trends will help you a lot. And give you the tools to make your campaigns survive future updates.

Doing regular site audit will also tell you if your current strategy is working or not. If it’s not, then it will suffer even more come another Google update.

Knowledge is power. When you sense an impending algorithm change, you will be prepared for the worst. Stay alert and protect your site from falling off the rankings.

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