There are several elements in Search Engine Optimization that need to act in perfect concert before it can work. Vigilant link building, creative content, intriguing PPC ads, and efficient marketing strategies all play a part in the success of a campaign. But, no matter how hard we work, it’ll all be for nothing if we don’t have one important factor – you.

Every Business is Special

Any company that has worked with us knows our process always begins with an Intake Form. This is a short questionnaire that gives us an idea of what our partners do for a living. We do this because we believe that every business is unique and has something special to offer their audience.

Tapping this uniqueness is the best way to reach the top of the SERPs, as well as the target market. We actually have another post that details the essential questions any SEO company needs to ask to become effective. We’re not content with these, however, as our teams have been taking steps to improve our Intake Forms to better achieve our goals, especially when it comes to our local SEO campaigns.

Love Local

Local SEO is an aspect of the industry that many people – including resellers – disregard for the pursuit of the greater glory in general search. Local search is one of the most important elements of SEO, as it helps small and medium businesses establish a solid market that they can quickly convert into paying customers.
The challenge with local search, however, is that the content and the approach should be specifically tailored to that area, so that there’s no doubt as to who the target audience is. What resellers need to understand is that it’s not enough for their strategies to target [nature of business] and [name of city]. The teams handling these campaigns need to understand the area, its people, values, history, and culture to become effective.
This is, of course, impossible unless we get inside the heads of people that were born and raised in those areas. This highlights the importance of local search intake forms, and reinforces the need for everyone to focus on them. But every suburb, district, and neighborhood is unique; what kind of questions can a reseller ask to understand what the audience of a client wants?

Understand the Local Heart

Intake forms can ask virtually anything a reseller needs to know about the clients. But there are essential questions that SEO companies should never neglect or forget to include to get the campaign started.
For example, our intake forms ask for the business name, address, and contact number. This is because major business listing websites don’t’ accept .com names, P.O. Box addresses, and 1-800 numbers. The information clients include here will make a significant difference in the local search.

Most businesses without SEO partners will probably neglect updating their online information, even after they move or make major changes. Simply keeping the contact information accurate can do wonders for any site, regardless of its target. Customers can find them faster, talk to them sooner, and convert people at their own convenience.

It’s also a good idea to include questions regarding the client’s affiliations, achievements, and current media exposure. Studying these materials can give SEO teams an idea of how people see the client, how the business views itself, and how all that information can work to their advantage.

Resellers can put additional questions that they think will best serve the campaign if they’re selling SEO to small businesses; the important part that they ask the questions in the first place. We’re in the business of helping businesses grow organically, which means building trust and an identity with people right in the places they call home.

Contrary to popular belief, local SEO isn’t easy, as it requires flexibility and an emphatic mind to pull off. Fortunately, you can contact us today to take advantage of the experience and expertise that our team has collected through the years. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your clients think that you grew up on the same block they did.

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