When it’s about Google, SEO resellers have to be updated about it.
Google has recently launched a new feature that will eventually move them forward in their quest to providing only high quality search engine results. This new feature basically highlights or displays the authors of the articles found on search engines.

Google authorsAuthors are now being given greater recognition as Google shows a picture of the author at the right side of the article written by them. Not only that, it provides a link of their Google Profile too. This will show people that the articles they are reading are made by real people, written with quality, and aren’t just made for search engine marketing purposes only.

As written by Google’s Product Manager Sagar Kamdar on the company’s blog, “Authorship is a great way to identify and highlight high quality content. Plus, the web is centered around people. People discovering content on the web often want to learn more about its author, see other content by that author, and even interact with the author.”

Currently, the program has only been released to a small subset of writers and authors on the internet and will roll out across other countries. This feature is being powered by the authorship markup, which uses a new code to identify whether a link is pointing to the author of the content blog or article. This markup still uses existing standards such as HTML5 (rel=”author”) and XFN (ref=”me”) to facilitate search engines and extra web services to recognize works created by the same author across the net.

“We know that great content comes from great authors, and we’re looking closely at ways this markup could help us highlight authors and rank search results,” said Google’s Software Engineer Othar Hansson. With this said, it is important to look for SEO reseller companies that can provide quality work all the time. SEOReseller.com is dedicated to only providing content that is unique for its clients. Learn more about SEOReseller.com today and be a reseller today!

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