Permission marketing brings you one step closer to a conversion because you market directly to an interested market. Getting people to give you permission to contact them, whether directly or implicitly, is difficult because the market is very competitive. This is what I want to talk about in today’s blog. SEO can actually help you draw in more leads and generate conversions through permission marketing.

How to Achieve Permission Marketing Through SEO

Attracting the Right Market

Finding the market interested in your products or services requires research. You should know what queries they use on search engines when they search for your offerings. Our keyword research process makes sure we use keywords with the most searches and optimize your site using these. This gives you the visibility you need on the SERPs to attract more visitors.

Engaging Your Audience

Once you’ve got your target market clicking on the SERPs, the next thing you should do is serve them informative and compelling content. You already know they’re interested – now build their trust by giving them the information they are looking for. We do this with the king of SEO: quality content. Our writers research and verify all details when creating content. At this point, you can try to convince visitors to sign up for your email newsletter already.

You should get the visitors to provide their contact details. A good way of doing this is by giving more free information in the form of whitepaper downloads. Get them to download your whitepaper by giving compelling content, but ask them to provide their email address before downloading. This is a form of implied consent, and therefore a part of permission marketing.

Building Trust

Once you have their contact information (and therefore their permission), this is where the marketing begins. Make sure to maintain or increase their level of trust in you by sending four or five informative newsletters at the beginning. This will prepare them for the sales pitch that will come after, and build up your value as an SEO service provider. Finally, make sure you deliver your promise by having the #1 back-end SEO service provider in the industry.

Bridge Building

Log onto your dashboard and check out our SEO packages to get started. Contact your account manager if you have any questions about search engine optimization. Check back soon for more SEO tips and tricks!

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