In today’s blog we’ll be talking about what it takes to close a lead in today’s economy. As I’m sure you would agree, gone are the days where you can just put up big red signs and people will buy. Today, people want to be a part of your process, understand how you do business…and like it. Then and only then, they’ll buy from you. The good news is, if you take the time to show them your process and develop a relationship with them, they’ll turn into long term customers.

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Effective online marketing sales require that you maintain contact with your clients’ and prospects throughout the decision-making process. This lead nurturing process should be integrated into your marketing strategy. As a retail web marketing service provider, you should know how to use your services to engage your clients’ prospects and drive conversions.

Listed below are some SEO services you can use for lead nurturing. Learn what makes them ideal for engaging your clients’ audience and how you can use them effectively.

Content Development and Link Building

Why You Should Use It

Information is what consumers search for online. A well-written piece serves dual purpose – to provide a great platform for link building, and to convince the target audience that your client is the best in their industry.

How To Use It

We create and submit well-researched, unbiased articles and blogs to reputable information hubs. These are keyword-optimized and relevant to your client’s industry. For landing pages, PRs and e-mail blasts, we highlight your clients’ best offerings and show how well these compare with industry standards.

LinksSocial Media

Why You Should Use It

Consumers are relying less on what companies say about themselves and more on what their peers recommend. Social media sites are a great venue for sharing these recommendations, reviewing service providers, and communicating with your clients directly.

How To Use It

Instead of talking about your clients’ business and what makes them great, we give consumers updates on your clients’ industry. We begin by sharing unbiased information and encouraging discussion among the members of your clients’ network. We keep your clients’ brand present on all of the materials and all over your clients’ social media profiles.

SEOreseller and Social Media logoLocal SEO

Why You Should Use It

Consumers use search engines, business directories, and maps programs to find products and services. They believe that those on top of search results are the most reliable providers. Keep your clients visible in these platforms so their target market will constantly see their name whenever they search for the associated products or services.

How To Use It

Listings like Google+ Local let you leave short updates on each listing profile. We update this regularly with calls to action, your clients’ latest promotions, and links to informative articles related to your clients’ industry. We also encourage visitors to share positive reviews and high ratings to keep your clients’ listings on top of search results.

We offer these solutions to all our search marketing partners. Learn more about how you can use our other SEO services for lead nurturing by talking to your account manager today.

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