This year, Google has made a lot of updates to their algorithm. Businesses of every niche are affected by these updates, whether it be big or small. However, businesses who outsource SEO, especially from don’t need to worry because we make sure that we keep up with changes that Google makes.

What are the benefits of the updates that Google has made?

Snippets & Page Titles

Google updated some changes related to snippets, which are the descriptions that show for web pages and page titles. The leading search engine said that they’ve improved snippets. It now allows it to get snippet text from the main content on a web page, rather than choosing from headers or menus. Google has also announced rich snippets for applications. In this way, people will see more software application details, cost, user reviews and the likes within their search results. Another is to have better page title by decreasing the usage of anchor text. Duplicate anchor text isn’t relevant.

Changes in Ranking

Here are some of the current ways in which Google shows how search results are being ranked.

Detecting “Official” Pages – To give users relevant results, Google has made changes. They’ve adjusted how they determine which the official pages are. In this way, all official pages will be rank higher in result pages.

Date-Based Search Results – Google changed how they offer results for search queries which have a specific date range. Users will be able to get more relevant results based on the date range that they’ve specified.

We know that there are a lot of frequent adjustments in Google’s algorithm. If you’re having a hard time keeping track with your SEO efforts, don’t worry because can help you out. We offer products such as white label SEO, social media marketing, web design and paid advertising.

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