Google has launched a new feature in Analytics Premium that will make tracking multiple campaigns easier for you. Yesterday, the search giant announced the launch of Roll-Up Reporting, a premium Analytics feature that lets you track the overall performance of all your online properties.

“Google Analytics already helps you gather deep insights into one website or app at a time. But what if you ant to understand the overall performance and interactions of all your company’s digital properties? In today’s multi-touchpoint consumer world, this is a much greater priority,” wrote the Google Analytics Premium team in the official announcement on the Google Analytics blog.

“Roll-Up Reporting is a single interface that moves your aggregate business data much closer to your high-level business decisions,” they added.

Executive Dashboard

Roll-Up Reporting features an executive dashboard that collects and displays all analytics data for all your websites and applications. The data is pulled and collated from different sources automatically by the dashboard, which then presents accurate data without compromising data quality and segmentation. You’ll get the latest figures as well – the data is available in real time.

Source Properties Report

The Source Properties Report section under the Roll-Up Reporting tab shows the overall performance of the websites and applications for multiple brands or business units at a glance. You can easily compare these figures and determine which units are overperforming and underperforming.

Source Properties Report
Source Properties Report

The Source Properties Report also lets you compare specific segments. You can do this by using the new Source Property Display Name dimension in advanced segments, in custom reports, or as a secondary dimension.

Tying Together Touchpoints

One of the biggest issues of tracking multiple digital properties for your brands is tying together touchpoints to get a more accurate picture of your overall online performance. Roll-Up Reporting tracks your visitors without duplicating unique visitors across all your digital properties. This gives you a better idea of how well you reach your target audience across multiple sites – for example, if you have multiple landing pages for one big campaign for your brands, you won’t need to track them separately and collate the data manually later.

“Google Analytics already provides powerful features, like cross device reports and single-view app and web data, to help you report on multiple types together. With Roll-Up Reporting, you’re no longer restricted to reporting on those tied to the same Google Analytics Property,” the official announcement says. “That means more agile setups and more powerful analysis.”

Google Analytics Premium’s new Roll-Up Property ties together multiple platform touchpoints easier.
Google Analytics Premium’s new Roll-Up Property ties together multiple platform touchpoints easier.

How We Work With Google Analytics

You’ll have to be a Google Analytics Premium user to get the new Roll-Up Reporting feature in your dashboard. This can be requested through your GA Premium account manager, who will arrange for the activation of Roll-Up Property in your Analytics Premium dashboard.

Setting up Roll-Up Property is easy. Choose the Google Analytics properties you want reports on, and Analytics will automatically configure these properties – now your Source Properties – to feed modified information it will receive in the future to your Roll-Up Reporting dashboard.

We’d be glad to help you set up your Roll-Up Reporting feature to help manage your SEO outsourcing. Contact your account manager today or sign up for free if you’re not yet our partner to get started.

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