Google announced earlier today a new Core Update, codenamed: June 2019 Core Update. its focus: quality of content, relevance and authority.

Google Search Liason - Broad Core Update 2019

While it might take a few days or weeks to feel the impact of the core algorithm update (or none at all), it’s a great opportunity to focus on improving the quality of your content, and engagement. Google’s official guidance is to do nothing, ours is to be proactive.

That’s why we’re sharing our own Content Quality Checklist that you can use to quickly audit SEO content in less than 5 minutes.

We built it from the foundation of Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. Used by thousands of their content evaluators, we’ve added our own additional measures for Search Engine Optimization, as we follow Google’s own E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) for content scoring.

30 Point content checklist

Here is what you need to check to quickly score your content, out of a possible 30 points, we recommend a minimum of 27 points before posting.


  • Primary Keyword/s Are In The Title And Sub-Headings
  • Internal Links That Reference Relevant Information On The Page Setup
  • Overall Content Is Well Structured With Formatted Tags (example: H1, H2, H3, P)
  • Main Content Is Unique And Not Found Elsewhere Online
  • All Images Have Alt Tags, Titles and Descriptions
  • Meta Title And Description Have Primary Keyword/s
  • If Blog, Table Of Contents Is Visible


  • Title Corresponds With The Content (example: Title: “”Dog Grooming Guide”” – Content Includes A Step by Step)
  • Main Content Provides A Clear Topical Key Points
  • Supplementary Content Supports The Main Content’s Key Points
  • Content Has Images That Makes It Easier To Understand The Text-Based Content
  • If The Content Is Promotional, Sponsored, Or Paid, It Clearly Specifies It On-Page (Example: Advertisement, Sponsored Article, Guest Post)
  • Content Serves It’s Purpose For The Audience

Audience Satisfaction:

  • Audience will feel satisfied with the quality of content, and the information serve it’s purpose (examples: education, entertainment)
  • Audience will be engaged for a suitable duration
  • Content Is Easily Legible On Multiple Devices? (Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet And Mobile Devices)
  • Audience will feed satisfied with the author demonstrating authority, expertise and trustworthiness


  • Main Content Is Easy To Read And Information Is Easy To Find On-Page
  • Ads On The Page Are Not Too Distracting From The Main Content, And Relevant
  • Content Does Not Promote Hate, Violence, Deception or Political Manipulation
  • Content Is Not Harmful, Malicious Or Deceptive


  • The Brand Logo and/or Author Bio Is Easy To Find
  • It Is Easy To Find Information Or Link To Information About The Business On The Page
  • The Business / Author Has Positive Reviews, Recommendations And Comments Elsewhere Online


  • Content Displays Authority With Trustworthy Citations
  • Content Be Considered A Source of Truth
  • This Page Is Cited Elsewhere Online For The Information Provided


  • This Article Is Authored With The Right Level Of Expertise
  • Author Is Considered An Expert, Or Has Formal Education On The Topic Displayed In Their Profile
  • Author Has High Expertise In This Subject Displayed Elsewhere Online

This audit is intended to be completed in less than 5 minutes per 2000 words. For a downloadable version of our checklist, you can make a copy of our content quality checklist here to use for your audits.

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