What’s hot on this week’s search-related news? A new Google tool and a deal between two Internet big names.

Google‘s Mobile-Friendly Tools

Google launched a new mobile-friendly testing tool that tells you if a certain website meets the search giant’s criteria for a mobile-optimized site. The tool now adds the label “mobile-friendly” in search results next to websites that pass their criteria.

Google, Yahoo, and Mozilla Make News on this Week’s Search Recap
Source: Google Webmaster Central

This means if your site is not meeting Google’s standards, you may be turning away mobile visitors or you run the risk of ranking lower in mobile search, or both. The change will be rolling out worldwide over the next few weeks. You still have time to make changes and build a mobile-optimized site.

Yahoo Inks Deal with Mozilla to Become Firefox Default Search Engine

Yahoo will soon be replacing Google as the default search engine for Mozilla’s Firefox browser on desktop and mobile in the United States.

The new partnership is expected to help Yahoo’s declining share in the search market. The switchover will start in December and will end the decade-old partnership between Google and Mozilla.

As part of the five-year partnership, Yahoo and Mozilla will “bring a new, re-imagined Yahoo search experience to Firefox users in the U.S. featuring the best of the Web, and to explore new innovative search and content experiences together.”

Check back again next week for the latest search news.

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