Instagram is one of those rare gems that quickly evolved from a trendy iOS-only app to a legitimate social network that has garnered a massive following. This image- and video-sharing platform isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, and with the support and resources of Facebook behind it now, its growth will only see better days ahead.

Brand Inspiration and Empowerment

The social network is one that strives to inspire and empower brands to create beautiful imagery that engages its more than 200 million members.

It comes as no surprise that one of the things Instagram hears over and over again from companies across the globe is that they want more insight into how users engage with and respond to their photos and videos. Well, ask and you shall receive, as the image-sharing service is finally giving businesses what they asked for.

“We’re excited to announce that over the coming weeks and months, we’ll begin rolling out a new suite of tools to help brands better understand the performance of their paid and organic content on Instagram.”

The soon-to-be-released business tools can be of great help to brands in three main areas:

– Account insights: where businesses can get to see how they’re increasing brand awareness on Instagram through impressions, reach, and engagement.

– Ad insights: where companies can view the performance of paid campaigns with brand analytics (impressions, reach, and frequency) for each individual ad delivered to the target audience.

– Ad staging: allows advertisers and their creative teams to preview, save, and collaborate on ad creatives for upcoming campaigns.

New Marketing Metrics

With these new tools, businesses and marketers will have real-time access to information that can definitely be a boost to their social marketing campaigns. Brands can better monitor their posts and campaigns with the new features because of vital information such as reach, impressions, and engagements.

The data from these new features will help marketers get a better understanding of their target audience, such as what time is most ideal for posting a photo or video, what kind of photos users ‘like’ more, and how target audiences are responding to sponsored photos.

Instagram has been working closely with several of their advertising partners to make sure the tools are perfect and that they meet the needs of advertisers. The new features will be rolled out first to all Instagram advertisers, who are encouraged to provide further feedback to improve the product before its release to additional brands later in the year.

Is Instagram Marketing Going to be a Thing?

Yes.Given its partnership with Facebook, its integration with Twitter and other social media platforms, and its more than 200 million monthly active users – Instagram marketing will undoubtedly happen.

While it may not be the top social media marketing network, it did take a few steps in the right direction and is one step closer to mass relevance by rolling out a slew of new marketing metrics. We recommend being able to adapt and make the most of these upcoming updates to build your brand and reach your intended market.

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