WordPress has gone from being a simple blogging system to a full digital platform for online marketing. I want to share some secrets I’ve learned when using this platform for your search marketing efforts:

1. Use custom calls-to-action for your RSS Feed posts

With custom calls-to-actions, you can maximize your RSS feed and make content easily viewable for search users. This also allows you to control and monitor the content appearing on the RSS feed.

2. Add the right plugin

While plugins can provide special functions for better navigation, having too much of it can cause website performance issues. I recommend using WordPress SEO by Yoast. From writing better content to adding XML sitemap, this plugin has you covered.

3. Avoid  spam by automatically closing comments

Spams are annoying and may create unwanted attention. The trick is to automatically close comments after a certain number of days. This will help you monitor comments and prevent trolls from flooding your client’s website with spam. Make sure to inform the visitors about this to maintain user engagement.

4. Index the right pages

As a rule, you should only index pages that provide value to visitors. Always include an XML sitemap, so search engines will know which relevant pages you want to index. This is especially important when you buy an existing domain.

Proper setup of a WordPress website will help your client get the most traffic and visibility in search engines, and this is what we want to achieve. Talk to us and we’ll give you more WordPress tricks and tips.