The Build Your Agency Webinar Series is designed to do one thing: help build your agency from the ground up. Each webinar builds on the one before it and helps you take your agency closer to success.

How to position your agency for success


SEO in 2020: How to Position Your Agency For Success

It’s time for our annual SEO recap. In this webinar, we’ll talk about important issues that occurred in 2019, the changes that took place and trends that made a huge impact – most importantly, what’s in store for 2020!

Previous Partner Bootcamp Webinars

7 Rituals of Steady Agency Growth

It takes more than skills to get your SEO agency to the seven-digit revenue mark. Trying your luck to do SEO is no longer enough – your success banks on good business acumen, scalable processes, and most importantly, a client-centric experience.

Take Control of agency’s bottom line

Go through the AHA! moments to help your agency take control and optimize your bottom line. Learn how to build operations from a scalability perspective and control your margins.

How to captivate your leads

You’ve generated leads for your agency. Now it’s time to nurture them. How do you warm up to cold leads and bring them further into the conversion funnel?

In this How to Captivate Your Leads, Bernard and William will teach you how to do lead nurturing the right way.

How to drive leads to your agency

We show you how to choose a market and niche that to generate leads. We also discuss which digital marketing platforms are best for your agency and how to use Lead Magnets on your website to passively generate leads, now.

The elements of Killer Agency Website

Learn the five elements of a killer agency website and how they align with the website objectives of a successful agency. These objectives, building trust and social proof plus establishing your expertise and proof of performance, are part of how you turn website visits into leads. We’ll top it off with a discussion of the Website Audit Widget, the easiest way for you to get leads.

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Very informative. Speakers answered my questions during the discussion and provided expert insights. Looking forward to more webinars and resources in the future, really useful.


This was perfect and timely for me. I’ve already been in touch with a Proj Manager today as I am about to on-board my first client using your services. Thank you – very helpful.


Love webinars. Very useful information covering all the details of what I need for marketing and building my business. Once again, thanks for the hard work and effort.