Build Your Agency Webinar Series

It’s time for our annual SEO recap. In this webinar, we’ll talk about important issues that occurred in 2019, the changes that took place and trends that made a huge impact – most importantly, what’s in store for 2020! 

Let us open all the possibilities your agency can delve into to succeed this coming year.

Key Takeaways

02:06 – How has SEO changed in 2019. Everything you need to know about SEO in 2019.

02:16 – Mobile Indexing, it’s time for you to not only look good on desktop but also mobile.

05:37 – Google decides to protect its users with YMYL (Your  Money Your Life), by paying more attention and value to the credibility of a content.

06:57 – E-A-T updates where Google tries to put a face on the author in an  effort to improve the authoritativeness of a content to protect the users.

09:48 – Freebie! Here’s your very own checklist to help you score your content.

10:25 – Search Console becomes a whole SEO tool.

12:02 – GMB linking foot traffic to search results.

13:16 – All about the BERT update and its near-human understanding of content.

16:15 – From Page 1 to Position 1-3 to Position 0-2, how the competition just became fiercer.

18:14 – What you should know about SEOReseller in 2019. From dashboard to tools and services, here are the updates that can help elevate your agency.

27:09 – We’ll fly you over!

28:53 – How SEO will look like in 2020.

29:07 – Google is now a destination.

29:56 – The domination of Voice Search.

30:56 – Search Engine Traffic will be more transactional. All about transactional queries and how you can optimise transactional traffic.

31:15 – What you can look forward to with SEOReseller in 2020.

32:37 – Focus on local businesses and SMBs.

32:57 – Conversion rate optimization. Shifting the conversation from rankings and traffic to conversions.

34:04 – 360 Degree Marketing.

34:48 – First Quarter Roadmap. Your guide to what’s happening at SEOReseller 1st Quarter 2020.

37:14 – Access our SEO Jargon Buster. Free SEO Glossary you can access any time if you want to brush up or sharpen your SEO speech.

38: 11 – Promos and special offers.

QA Starts at 39:34

1)  Google is getting smarter with content to commit fake news. Do you think it’s going to combat overpopulating content?

A: Well, depends on how you define overpopulating content because SEOReseller has been here for eight years and we used to pump out blogs every day on the SEOReseller website to the point that we had to (a year or two years ago) go back and we had a calling project where we had to remove all of those old things. So if that’s what we mean by overpopulating, I think that again, paying attention to authority is much more important. Now we say, hey, let’s take a few days. Really think about the blog post, consult the partner for the Keystone blog posts. Yeah. And then put something that makes sense the skyscraper approach. Let’s go out there. See what’s the tallest building and build something taller than this. Don’t overpopulate. Don’t write just for the sake of writing. Sometimes it’s easy to just talk to your writer and say ‘You know what? Your task is x articles per week.’ And then it goes into some sort of a vicious cycle of I just have to put stuff out there. And as we saw earlier with the algorithm changes that doesn’t matter much anymore.The key is content that makes sense.

2) What are the next White Label Services you’re offering in 2020?

It takes us time to test things, ramp up, train our guys make a process, put it into our internal system. What we are planning to do is a more holistic 360 SME solution that we don’t have to pick and choose PPC and an SEO package and this and that. We’re going to make something that’s kind of a ‘catch-all’ in a good way to just helped generate leads & conversions and reshuffles them, brings them back and puts them in a CRM of your client. So it’s more of an ecosystem of digital marketing. And, again, ideas are very much welcome to always like hearing ideas.

3) For a company hiring multiple sales reps, we want to streamline their series that are training process. Do you have any plans to video walkthroughs of your CRM tools? 

Definitely. We are working with William, our Sales Manager. We’re going to release them mid-January.

4) With searches being more transactional, how do you frame content that’s informational in nature to meet trends sectional queries? 

I think it’s not necessarily content in the form of blog content. I think tackling the issue here is more on the schemas and external schemas that shows like price points and different business details. I think it’s the schemas that are talking about frequently asked questions. Google understands what the content is about, but they’re still asking you to frame it. And using the micro formats and schemas will really put you on top when there’s time to be on top, it means that you can be there with the with different discounts that you have on ecommerce product. Some of this SMS is will do it automatically like Shopify. But if you have content that might include reviews and might include discounts– schemas might do the trick to get you up there because they’re not done with implementing new widgets and new cards and everything and anything that you can take from schema, their WordPress plugins to do that will help you appear at the top.

There are many schemas, even if it’s not supported by Google, you can already implement them.

5) Any plans to do an agency workshop for beginners in 2020?

We have a lot of material. Did you check the Resource Centre? Please check it out, as well as previous webinars, some of them are from like a year or two years ago, but still very relevant. I’ll just say check them out if you think they’re not up to date up to speed, we’ll gladly we’ll run a workshop in q1 and have some more material recorded and put up there.

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