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It takes more than skills to get your SEO agency to the sev­en-dig­it rev­enue mark. Try­ing your luck to do SEO is no longer enough – your suc­cess banks on good busi­ness acu­men, scal­able process­es, and most impor­tant­ly, a client-cen­tric expe­ri­ence.

In this webi­nar, you’ll learn about:
– How Agen­cies Can Be Bet­ter at What They Do
– The Sev­en Habits of High­ly Effec­tive SEO Agen­cies
– Action­able Steps You Need to Take

Key Takeaways —

2:16 — Start by hav­ing the right tools. 

14:00 — The secret to achiev­ing suc­cess for your SEO agency is being able to adapt and devel­op­ing key habits to be effec­tive. 

16:23 — The first thing you need is a clear vision of what you want to build and where you want to go. 

17:00 — It should be inten­tion­al — leave time in your day for learn­ing ses­sions. 

18:00 — It’s not about going to net­work­ing events; it’s about car­ing to every client and encounter you have. Start rela­tion­ships by giv­ing.

19:36 — The per­son who owns the truth can paint a real­is­tic sto­ry and give insights to what the deci­sions should be. 

21:21 — Deter­mine the val­ue of your solu­tion — how you’re able to per­ceive what they need and how you’re going to deliv­er it. 

22:18 — Cre­ate a rela­tion based on trust. If you don’t com­mu­ni­cate, there’s no trust any­more. 

25:02 — When you know who they are, you know how you fit with them. You can’t be the best agency for every­body; you have a strength and you need to focus on this. 

26:37 — Fur­ther read­ing for your agency growth: The E‑Myth by Michael Ger­ber; The Break­through Com­pa­ny by Kei­th McFar­land; and Built to Last by Jim Collins and Jeryr I. Por­ras.

27:39 — Make these rit­u­als a part of your agen­cy’s dai­ly grind! Down­load The 7 Rit­u­als of Steady Agency Growth: A Check­list

Q&A — starts at 28:31

1. Can the next ver­sion of the audit tool allow embed­ding into a site to gen­er­ate leads? (Ex: ask for name and email to gen­er­ate the report)

A: We have that already! It’s actu­al­ly the web­site audit wid­get. You can use that to inte­grate in any Word­Press site so all the leads you get from this with that gets direct­ly inte­grat­ed into the CRM. It’s already there — you’ll find a link to the Help Cen­ter and see how to do it. You can call in and we’ll pret­ty much do a walk­through with you or a PM can help you with it. 

2. I always give a find­ers fee to any­one who brings me a suc­cess­ful lead, but I kind of give a range of 5–10% of the first invoice as a fee. Do you have a set rec­om­men­da­tion of a referral/finders fee?

A: Actu­al­ly, we even do about 7 to 15 on aver­age. What one agency does is they allow their clients if they’ve been with them for more than six months and refer any­body, they get a reduc­tion on the ser­vice for the next month. And I think if you get a total of five or six (I for­got the exact num­ber), there’s a num­ber that they have to hit for the refer­rals, and that’s when they get a full month free. Some oth­er part­ners what they do is for any refer­ral the exact size of what­ev­er they bring in, just give the whole month free. But usu­al­ly find­ers fees here are 7 to 15 per­cent.

3. Do you have a tem­plate for set­ting SMART goals?

A: Yes. It’s in the check­list for the sev­en rit­u­als. We also have the rest of the links just for stuff that you can lis­ten to or read. 

4. How do I con­vince my team that these tools are use­ful? We’re using Google Keep to share notes in our team, and I’m not sure how much bet­ter Ever­note is.

A: Be the cham­pi­on of it. Use it for your­self first and just see how use­ful it is for you. If it’s real­ly great, you will con­t­a­m­i­nate every­body. A great tool is some­thing that’s great by itself. If you as a leader are able to share with them real­ly what the ben­e­fits are, again prov­ing val­ue, why it’s impor­tant to them and why it pro­vides them with val­ue, why would any­body say no to that?

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