Google gives online advertisers a better look at how effective their strategies are by giving the year-old YouTube Brand Lift several new features.

Asking Questions

The Brand Lift is a Google tool that provides companies with scalable actionable solutions to understand the impact of their advertising on brand perception.  The tool uses metrics like brand lift and ad recall to create actionable insight into what people are thinking between exposure and conversion.

The expansion will include giving advertisers the ability to measure the lift in consideration, purchase intent, and favorability for the ads. The features will act as a survey tool that helps companies answer several important questions regarding the effectiveness of their advertising strategies.

The questions include whether the ads broke through to audiences, whether customers are more aware of the brand, if people have a more favorable view of the brand, so on and so forth. The new features of the YouTube Brand Lift answers these questions by analyzing the micro-moments of the consumer journey.

Studying the Window Between Perception and Conversion


Micro-moments are the split second windows wherein consumers decide whether they want to engage in a specific activity such as purchasing something. The fragmentation of the consumer experience makes it easier for companies and businesses to measure the impact of their brands on social media. Google is pushing businesses to understand these micro-moments better with the expansion of these new features.

The non-expanded version of the YouTube Brand Lift used a similar form of micro-moment measurement, and the results were encouraging enough to warrant the expansion. According to Google, they ran over ten thousand studies on YouTube campaigns, with results yielding a 94% increase in ad recall, as well as an 80% lift across the board.

In addition, the new features also allow advertisers to measure the effectiveness of ads on their mobile devices. It is a welcome addition, considering more than half of YouTube users browse the website on their mobile devices. The new features give businesses a complete view of ad impact for easier data analysis.

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