What to Look For in Your Branded Client DashboardIn today’s blog, I want to talk about what you should look for in your branded client dashboard. Your interface has to be easy enough for your clients to understand, and full of features for you to manage and track their campaigns effectively. Make sure your client dashboard has a minimum of these features when choosing a branded client dashboard to add to your site.

SERPs Tracking

The most obvious way you can show your clients progress is by tracking their rankings on the SERPs. Your client dashboard should display their website’s SERPs performance in a way that is easy for them to understand. At the same time, it should show enough information for you to make a fitting plan of action for the following month. It’s important to have both in your client dashboard because you want to be very transparent about your client’s progress. Find a branded client dashboard that offers the most updated information – an advanced one that displays real-time rankings.

SEO Tools

Your client dashboard should have a comprehensive set of SEO tools to match your tracking system. It should offer materials like proposals, research and reports that will support your proposed plan of action at the beginning of your campaign. Clients should be able to download reports and keyword research easily, monitor other details like geo-traffic and traffic sources other than SEO, and get the latest tools to help boost their website visibility. Make sure you compare the SEO tools offered in each branded client dashboard you find and select one with the most complete and most effective set of features.

Direct Product Ordering

Providing a platform that lets clients order services directly saves you time and boosts your customer service. Find a branded client dashboard that lets you customize the products you want to feature, and allows clients to view and start new projects from the first page of the dashboard. You can spend more time working on your clients’ campaigns while still receiving new campaign requests. It also makes cross selling and upselling easier because your clients can view the inclusions of each product and see what they can combine to achieve their desired results.


Get a dashboard that allows you to change the design, choose tabs, create your own packages, and schedule when products will be delivered to your clients. You will be placing it on your own website, and you need something that allows flexible customizations so you can truly have a unique client dashboard. Choose one that lets you add or remove features as suits your niche. Remember that you have to keep your branding consistent throughout your site and in all your materials – reporting interface included.

You will find all these and more in our white label dashboard. Read my previous blog to view the complete list of features we have. Sign up for free to get your free dashboard today, or log into your account to set up your branded client dashboard. You can get in touch with your account manager if you need assistance setting up your dashboard. Keep checking back for more updates!

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