To maximize your SEO campaigns, you need to cover all the bases, and most importantly, Google Webmaster Tools. For the newbies: what does Google Webmaster Tools do for SEO?

The use of Google Webmaster Tools is important when designing effective SEO methodologies. Examples of valuable data GWT provides include the following:

Keyword Metrics

Webmaster Tools features a list of keywords on the website under the “Search Queries” table. The list tells you which specific keywords rank high and which need improvement. The section shows you the click-through rates (CTR) of those keywords, along with the rankings and organic search impressions. For SEO campaigns, detailed information is valuable in choosing which pages need focus in your efforts for the succeeding months.

Site Speed Data

The rollout of Hummingbird last year is proof that site speed has become more important. Fortunately, Webmaster Tools provide statistics for this. On the “Crawl” menu, enter the URL of your page and “fetch” the page’s loading speed. Knowing the loading page is useful for improving user experience on the site, especially for mobile users.

Traffic Patterns

Google Webmaster Tools allows you to map out your site’s traffic patterns. As the tools provide detailed information on the rankings of individual pages, you have access to the CTR of every page and data on the types of content that rank well and otherwise. Using the tool, tweak your strategy to improve the campaign.

The detailed data Webmaster Tools provides is valuable. If applied properly, these tools can double the effectiveness of every SEO campaign.

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