Facebook has 936 million daily active users. The impressive number wows even companies wanting to improve brand awareness, and they concentrate on updating their Facebook Pages to drive traffic to their websites. Among the companies earning from Facebook’s wide reach is Coca-Cola with over 91 million fans. Second is McDonald’s with close to 58 million. Red Bull is in third place with a fanbase of 43 million strong.

While the number of fans alone does not dictate how much a business earns from social media, it’s a good place to start. And it’s the first aspect that determines how successful your social media-centered campaigns will be.

Coca-Cola seems to hold the secret to successful campaigns: in 2012, the company launched “Move To The Beat,” earning it an additional 1.5 million Facebook fans. Their gains didn’t stop there, though; Coca-Cola also earned 21,000 Twitter fans, 245 million search impressions, and 461,000 clicks.

Don’t Let the Numbers Do the Talking

With impressive numbers, Coca-Cola can post on its Facebook wall or share a video on its YouTube channel and it’s guaranteed a handful of clicks. Moreover, the company is first to practice what it preaches: that happiness and sharing does wonders.

As their way of keeping clients engaged, Coca-Cola’s tweets are equal parts promotion and interaction with fans. With Twitter expected to have 400 million users in 2018, companies should start engaging more clients now.

Take a page off Coca-Cola’s playbook. Facebook’s kinder on the number of characters you use, making it a good platform for explaining your latest strategy or promo. Then again, you don’t need a lot of words to share something attention-worthy. People want new content, and they have limited time. An infographic or an engaging photo does the trick.

Stay Awake with Fans all Over the World

Social MediaThe upside of being a world-renowned brand is you are known internationally. The downside? Clients from halfway around the world may need your answers while you sleep. And in the world of social media, clients want an immediate response.

There is a solution far more acceptable than losing sleep: outsourcing social media management. Let a social media expert post or tweet on your behalf. Telecommunication companies assume the “always on” persona with multiple accounts working in shifts to answer customer queries, but your company can have a more seamless approach. A single account backed by a competent team is enough.

In the same way that crowd-sourced content generates audience engagement for Coca-Cola, outsourcing timeline management keeps your accounts active and ready to interact with clients.

Change with the Times

Measuring earnings from social media efforts starts with finding out where the numbers come from. By now, sensible business owners and marketers have already accepted it: there is nothing permanent except change. The popularity of social media brought with it new terminologies, and it pays to take advantage of all relevants channels.

Earnings From Social Media EffortsUse tags as you manage your accounts and use links to direct clients to your website. You should also use hashtags for your posts, but your links need this identifier as well. Tagged links identify the URL to tell you where it came from.

Use link analysis to find out which areas drive traffic to your site.  Concentrate your efforts on underperforming accounts and keep updating platforms with constant activity.

Linking social media accounts makes it easy to update all of them at once, but customizing the blurbs will make for more personalized posts. At the end of the day, you want your followers from each social media account to know you are posting for them, not because you want to earn from them.

Earnings come from various sources, but what makes your campaigns successful is knowing where you excel.  Make your social media accounts matter by making all the necessary changes and reaching out to your followers.

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