At SEOReseller, we’re all about giving you more tools to provide value to your clients. Today, we take an important step further into that direction with the release of our new Lead Tracker feature – available immediately to all new and existing campaigns for free.

Tracking Your Leads

An Easy Way to See Where Leads are Coming From

Our lead tracking feature provides you with a streamlined approach to tracking your client’s leads coming from your website and other different sources while enriching each lead with more information.

Once installed, the lead tracker tracks all contact forms in your client’s site and then forwards the data from any lead into your client’s white label dashboard. It will also then notify you about the new lead, should you want to.

Show the Value of Your Digital Marketing Products

Lead Tracker

The lead tracking tool brings your clients a step closer to their revenue sources. You’re not just showing them where to find potential customers; you’re giving proof on how your digital marketing solutions are working and getting the leads they are targeting.

With this new lead tracking feature on the SEO monitoring software, you can better show the value of every digital marketing effort you implement and give clients what they’re looking for – customers.

First Step into Providing More Value to Your Clients

The release of the Lead Tracker is a small but important step for us in our goal to provide you with better value.

From this feature, we’re looking forward into developing more features on top of it, creating a full-scale Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) that you can offer to all clients under your brand.

Excited to see this feature in action? Read more here on how to set it up on your own or schedule a walkthrough with your Project Manager.

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  1. Excellent feature release! Putting a name to the anonymous data is always something the client loves to see. For those of us that have our own reporting solutions perhaps and API or even a Zapier integration with the client dashboard data would be awesome.

    1. Yes, I agree with you on the API/Zapier integration. Would be an added bonus for us to better manage activities in the dashboard via our own reporting systems.

    2. Hey Jason, that’s something we are definitely considering for future developments of this feature. Right now, we’re looking forward to see first how you and your clients use it. Thanks for your feedback, we always keep these in mind when building our roadmap.

  2. How do you implement the tracking to make sure all the client’s new leads are tracked?

  3. Great idea and a very useful tool to increase the perceived value of your business by clients. Nice to see you’re moving towards a fully blown CRM. Keep at it!

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