WordPress is by far the most widely used CMS in the world, and it has significantly changed the online landscape. Tens of millions of websites now use this platform, including those owned by CNN, Sony, Time Inc., and other distinguished brands.

Our very own site utilizes WordPress, and we have built many websites for our clients using it. What do we love most about this platform?

The WordPress Advantage: What Makes a Good CMS?Easy to Use and Saves Time

The defining characteristic of WordPress is that it is extremely accessible, even to people without an extensive technical background. A business owner can manage their new WordPress website with minimal to no training, which greatly reduces the learning curve required for them to operate online.

  • Intuitive Interface – There is no need to contact the site’s developer every time you need to make quick edits on a page or upload a new blog post to the website.
  • Multi-user functionality – Website owners can give multiple people the ability to upload content to the website, limited by certain privileges.
  • All media support – More than just text, WordPress allows you to manage other content such as images, videos, and audio with ease.

Despite its ease of use and simplicity, however, WordPress also offers immense depth. Skilled developers can create breathtaking and highly functional websites that will impress any customer. While a beginner might be able to get a basic website up quickly, experts can take the time to build something that meets a brand’s business needs perfectly.

Immense Versatility through Plugins

One of the most remarkable things about WordPress is that it is a free, open source platform that is largely supported by the community. People are always developing new plugins that can improve the functions of your website, which means there is effectively no limit to what it can do.

There are thousands of useful WordPress plugins and widgets out there. Many of the most popular ones are free, or simply have an optional “premium” version that you can upgrade to later. From improving user experience to boosting website security, you have a large array of options. The challenge is selecting the best ones for your specific requirements, as they vary in quality and reliability.

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress websites are naturally SEO-friendly. The high quality code, standardized website structure, innate security, and several other factors make them attractive to search engines. While this alone is not enough to guarantee rankings on the SERPs, it does give owners a definite edge.

Actively optimizing the website is also much easier, as many WordPress agency plugins are designed for SEO purposes. For instance, the popular Yoast SEO plugin is a powerhouse with many different features, ranging from advanced permalink control to sitemap generation. There are also plugins that improve website speed, create automatic 301 redirects for dead pages, and so on.

This is just a brief overview of what WordPress brings to the table. Suffice it to say, the CMS deserves its reputation, and you can never go wrong with using it for your own website.

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